Chapter 3

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  (Y/N)'s POV
I sighed as I looked around the trash room. Only a few days ago, this place proved the guilt of Leon. It was horrifying to watch him get executed, the look in his eyes as he watched us, eyes begging for help. To see that look on anybody else would be torture for the soul.
I read through my diary, biting my lip. People don't seem to understand that when we write about two guys, its often because we have a crush on them both, or one of them, not that we think they're gay. But I could imagine Mondo had no idea how i felt, the handsome biker alpha male was just so hot. It took all of my energy to not swoon or squeal anytime he looks at me.
'I don't think he'll ever see me as anything but a creep now...'
Slowly, i got up, holding my diary. I sighed as i turned to leave, but a silhouette of someone was stood there, strong and tall and in a stance of pure rage. fear filled me, but as i was about to release my loudest scream, he spoke.
"I'm not gay, (Y/N)." Mondo said, coming closer to me. I braced myself against the fence, dropping the diary in the process. "I-I don't think you are..."
"Then why write about it?" He snarls "And with Kiyotaka, are you mental?!"
"W-well it's hard to explain..." I say, rubbing my elbow.
"Just explain... I'll try and understand." He sighs, floofing his pompadour.
"W-well you see, s-some girls like to write about a guy t-they have a crush on b-by writing about them with a-another guy..." I say, blushing madly.
"Okay... so you think I'm straight..?" He asks
'I sure hope so.'
"W-well I think so." I say. He smiles and ruffles my hair with a grin before topping and looking at me, a serious look in his eye and a tone I couldn't recognise. "And which guy is it?"
"Wh-what do you mean?"
"Which guy from the story is the one you like?" He says, looking away
"W-well I-I um.." I stuttered, not knowing how to react.
"tch I shoulda known..." he growls, storming out.
I gulped and sighed, walking out too.
As i walked out, I heard massive crahes and bangs, yelling and growls. gasping, I ran to the corridor and saw Mondo slamming Kiyotaka against the wall by his collar. "You love her, don't you asshole? After I trusted you? Bastard!"
"What do you mean? I don't love anybody! Why would I try anything hen you told me about-" Kiyotaka started to argue before he turned to me. His nose was bloody and he'd got a split on his eyebrow. Mondo turned to face me too, mortified. "(Y)-(Y/N)..." He says softly, dropping Taka. "I-i didn't mean to-"
"Mondo, just run before anybody else sees..." I walk closer to Taka, helping him up. Mondo bolted away, acket flowing behind him.
"(L/N)... Are you okay?" taka asked.
"I should be asking you that... why was he hitting you?" I ask, guiding him to the dining hall and pulling out a mini first aid kit.
"H-he mentioned something about... Nevermind, I was sworn to secrecy about it." He looks away, wincing as i put the antibacterial wash on his cuts. I blushed as i touched his face, I mean, I'm shy and never hang around people. he isn't Mondo but he's still pretty cute, in a bossy kind of way.
"Well, okay..." I put the plaster on and put my stuff away.
"Be careful around him, (L/N)." Taka says softly. I nod back and walk out slowly.
Suddenly, a hand goes around my mouth and waist as I'm dragged into someone's dorm room.
"Mondo, what the hell?!"  

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