Chapter 11

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Screams echoed from upstairs, loud and matching both male and female pitches I recognised as my schoolmates. My eyes snapped open from my slumber as I looked around me, wanting to probe if it was a horrible part of my dream or the terrifying reality that I live daily. Then, the monitor became staticy.

"A body has been discovered!" Screeched Monokuma from the screen. I covered my mouth, shooting up to look at the monitor in terror. Another student was dead, no... murdered. "After a certain amount of time, which you may use as you wish, the class trial will begin!"

I jumped out of bed and quickly changed clothes before running to the source of the screams: The girls locker room. I ran in, terrified and covered my mouth at the disgusting, terrible sight. I held in my own scream, my knees quivering in terror and shock as I stared straight at the picture before me. Chihiro was dead.

Her body was suspended in the air, arms tied up as though she were being crucified and blood was everywhere. I glowered at the wall, bile rising min my throat at the words on the wall. Blood lust. My eyes locked with Mondo, as he stood across the room with Kiyotaka as if in silent apology. He would be working with Taka. I looked away and gulped, hearing the chatter as the dreaded bear arrived and handed us the next Monokuma file. I flicked through quickly, hands shaking.

"The time of death was around 2am. The body was found in the second floor school area, in the girls' changing room. Cause of death is a blow to the head with a dull object. Death was instantaneous."

I gulped down my disgust and looked back at Chihiro. She was so innocent, so kind and so sweet. She was always trying to diffuse tension and was so intelligent. It was such a waste for her to die. She didn't deserve to die. Tears flew down my cheeks, whilst I stared at her, grimly. I gulped and put a hand on her cheek as all the others filed out, quietly, apart from Sakura and Mondo who had elected to guard her body. "I swear," I whispered. "I won't let that bastard get away with this."

I pulled back and walked out, not daring to look at the two tough guardians as I walked around. I headed to the dorms first, trying to see if I could examine the rooms I soon realized that one of the doors was ajar. I gulped, looking at the name on it. Leon Kuwata.

It felt wrong to enter his room, almost like t would be desecration, but the stench hit me first. I slowly walked in, looking around when I saw Leon's body laid on his bed, bruised and swollen. I covered my mouth and gulped, shaking. Why was he here? Why wasn't be given a proper burial?

I stepped closer, looking at the handsome face that laid there. I'd had a small crush on Leon when we were first here as he'd tried to stick up for me and my interests and had even kissed my cheek in thanks for a gift I'd given him. Still, he was not Mondo and I certainly wasn't in love with him, Nevertheless, his death was a waste, as was Sayaka's. Then I noticed something odd, in the dead man's neck.

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