Chapter 10

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My world crashed to my feet, heart sinking into the depths of hell. Everything seemed to freeze. How the hell did the Mastermind know this? Nobody knew about this but me and him.

I gulped. "I...I need to go." I ran out, taking the paper with me. My feet beat upon the floor roughly, rhythmically. The corridors zoomed past me in a blur as i ran to the toilet. I collapsed to my knees and vomited, eyes shut. My throat and mind burned in agony as i panted afterwards, wiping the remnants from my mouth.

I leaned back, covering my mouth as liquid brimmed from my eyes. The tiles of the walls blurred, and the tortured scrawlings of the cubicles turned to vibrating buzzes on my eyes. Everything flashed back to that day, to that horrid, horrid day one year ago.


"Come on baby, nobody else will want you like i do~" Sky cooed, his blue eyes gaing into mine. HIs brown hair was greasy and flat, less bouncy than usual. He'd grabbed the side of my jaw, glaring at me. "I want you now, we're legally allowed to now. Don't be such a prude, love."
"Sky, I don't want to... It feels wrong..." I whimpered, moving his hand away. His expression twisted again, furious. He gripped my forearms and pinned me down, holding them above m head as he got on top of me. "I want this, I want you. I'll do what I want baby. Don't you love me?"

"I don't want this, Sky! Get off of me, please!" I sobbed, terrified. We'd been dating for a year, I loved him, and thought he loved me. He was always strong looking, but only now had i realised how dangerous strength could be.

I gasped as he kissed my neck, using one hand to hold my arms and the other to unbutton my blouse. I looked around, looking for somewhere to go, something to do to save myself. Then I saw the window. To the left of me, on the wall was a large window. It was only thin, since my parents couldn't afford much. I could easily kick him through it.

'We were two storeys off the ground! he wouldn't make it!' I thought, panicking as my blouse was opened fully. "Get off... please." i sobbed, trying to wriggle my hands free.

"Shut up!" Sky growled, pulling his other hand back and punching my stomach roughly. I coughed and winced, shutting my eyes. He tugged my hair back and glares into my eyes "Stay, fucking, still." His forehead slammed into my nose roughly. I screamed in agony, hearing it crack in pain.

I growled, unable to take it. I curled up my legs, pressing them together before shotting them straight, aimed towards the window. Sky's eyes went wide as he was forced off of me, through the window. Glass shattered everywhere.

I gasped in terror and went to the window, covering my mouth as I saw him; he'd landed in a bush, alive, but his head was bleeding. I screamed in terror, as my parents came to me and comforted me as I spluttered out the whole story.


I sobbed into the toilet bowl, flushing the toilet and standing weakly on my legs. I tossed my paper in with the vomit, sending it swirling to the sewers. Hastily washing my face I exited the room, making my way back to my room, terrified that my horrid, horrid secret would come out.

//sorry for being gone so long, and sorry that this chapter doesn't have much Mondo in it, but it gives an insight into the reader's past. What next? Find out next time on Dragonball Z  Kill for You!

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