Chapter 1

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  "OWADA!" I snarled, lifting the patterned black jacket from my now-stained white washing. I left it in the machine alone for less than two minutes so i could get the change to put it on, but when i returned, it was on with a small addition in it: Owada Mondo's black jacket.
Boiling with rage, i stormed to his dorm and rang the bell. Furiously tapping my foot, i waited there, dripping wet jacket in hand and basket of washing beside me. When he finally opened the door - stood only in his white tank top and black trousers- i tossed the jacket onto his head, leaving it hanging off of his pretentious pompadour, covering his handsome face.
"The fu-?"
"Keep your washing out of mine. You're lucky i can whiten my washing again." I huffed, crossing my arms before grabbing my washing and walking to my dorm, hearing the door slam shut. As i prepared the things to clean, laying them all on the bed, i sighed thinking of how i got here.
Ultimate Fangirl, that's me. (Y/N) (L/N); Ultimate Fangirl.
It seemed (and seems) so surreal to be the ultimate anything... When I was accepted into Hope's Peak academy, I screeched like the fangirl i was, the pterodactyl-like noise echoing through my street and home.
A home I'll never get to go back to unless I murder another student...
Quite frankly, i was debating with myself about killing Mondo but of course, he'd probably kill me first with those big muscles of his. Snapping myself out of my fangirl trance, i turned to the door.
The small, gentle ring of a doorbell summoned me over. Makoto was stood there shyly, his fluffy brown hair hiding his face. "How do you do it, (Y/N)?" He asked. I tilted my head in reply.
"Do what?"
"Stand up against Mondo so fearlessly... how?" He asks again, stepping into my room.
"Well, I am scared of him, definitely but... I'm sure, positively sure that he's a sweetheart on the inside." I smiles slightly. "'Sides, he's got nothin' on the creepypastas~" I tease him, in an attempt to make him laugh. Makoto's been so down since Sayaka got killed.
Then again, none of us will be the same after that.

Makoto smiles "But still, you just critisized him in front of everyone. I'm surprised he ain't-"
"I DON'T HIT GIRLS!"Mondo growls, leaning on the doorframe and glaring at me. Makoto yelps and backs off slightly. I froze up, faking a facade of bravado on my face.
"But i'm just as curious as he is, if you're scared of me, why stand up to me?"
"Because Mondo," I forced myself forwards. "Nobody messes with me."
"Hee hee! Says the Ultimate Fangirl to the Ultimate Biker Gang Leader! I think its the wrong way around!" Monokuma giggled, covering his monstrous mechanical mouth with its charmingly adorable paws.
"Wh-what are you doing in my room?! How did you just appear?" I yelped, falling back from the sociopaths sudden appearance.
"tee hee~! That's for me to know and for you to think about when you change in the morning~!" The teddy bear coos, a blush on his cheeks (somehow)
"Hey perv! Leave 'er alone!" Mondo snarled, walking over. Makoto leapt between them as Monokuma squealed.
"Remember the rules? He's untouchable..."He mutters. Mondo tuts and walks out of my room, Makoto following.
"Ooh, did you see his face? Sooo jealous! B-bmp, b-bmp!" Monokuma taunts, holding his 'heart' and with a giggle, he disappears.
I sigh as i look at my open door, arguing with myself before run out yelling. "Owada, wait up!"  

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