Chapter 5

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  "Mh, Ahem! This is a school announcement, it is now 10pm! As such, it is now officially nighttime. Soon the doors to the dining hall will be locked and entry at that point is strictly prohibited. Okay then... sweet dreams everyone!Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!" Monokuma sang on screen, swirling his glass. The video cut off and I growled at the sight of the bear.
Once it cut off, i jumped off of my bed and left, sneaking down the corridor to Mondo's room.
I gently pressed the bell, shaking. Suspiciously, I looked around to check nobody saw.
Mondo didn't answer.
Quickly, I rang the doorbell again, whispering. "Mondo? It's me..."
He slowly opened the door and smiles as he saw me. I walked in, watching him shut the door. "I-I didn't think you'd actually come..." He laughs. He was in his trousers and white vest again, jacket laid on the bed. "Why? I said I'd come..." I smile at him, blushing at the sight of his pecs.
"I-I mean I kinda yelled at everyone as I left." He chuckles "They were fuckin' dicks though..."
"Mondo, they weren't... I'm just glad you didn't read it, respecting my privacy." Blushing, I smile at him as guilt washed over his face.
"One was stapled on my door... sorry..." he coughs out, scratching behind his neck. I blushed deeper knowing he'd read it.
"'I love you (Y/N), the thought of you dying or becoming a blackened kills me inside...'" He quotes the story, looking down. "'I don't care who it is, if anybody touches you, I swear I'll fuckin' kill them!'" He held my hands.
"Mondo I... You're quoting my book..."
"Because it's true (Y/N). I swear, if anybody hurts you..." He holds my hands closer to his chest. "I'll kill 'em and take you with me outta this place..."
My knees weaken beneath me as he speaks, held up only by his strong gaze. Gulping, I lean towards him, my lips milimeters away from his. I stayed where I was, waiting for him to make his move.
Tired of my teasing, he held behind my head and smashed my lips to his roughly, shutting his eyes. I shut mine too, melting into his embrace.
He pulls away slowly, before he pushed the boundaries too far. His half-lidded, glazed over eyes stared into mine as he cupped my cheek.
"I love you, (Y/N)..."
"I love you too, Mondo..."  

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