Chapter 8

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Folding the paper, i stashed it into my pocket and exhaled, calming my jittering nerves.

Slowly, I walked into the baths, the steam fogging my vision. Near the lockers, there he was, the silhouette of Mondo (pompadour and all) leaning against the wall, looking down at a note, not unlike mine. I edged closer, my shoes clicking on the marble floor, alerting him. His eyes snapped up to me and upon recognising me, his expression soured.

"What do you want?" He snaps, spitting the words out like venom.

"I-I'm here to apologise, Mondo... I-I didn't want to-"

"Then why did you?!" He snarls, gesturing wildly.

"Monokuma made me! I desperately didn't want to break up with you, especially not in public... he b-blackmailed me with my s-secret..." Mondo's eyes lightened when he realised, but he was still tense, obviously holding himself back from me. "Why tell me this now? here?"

"W-well, I got this note from someone saying you'd be here a-and well... there are no cameras here to listen in. The mastermind wouldn't want to seem like a pervert." I spoke softly, deliberately. Finally, his arms coiled around me, squeezing me tightly to him.

"Mondo, I'm so so sorry..." I whimpered, gripping his vest tightly as I nuzzled my face into his chest. He strokes my hair softly, hugging back. "Met too (Y/N)... fuck, I thought you'd actually lied about loving me." "I'd never lie... I do love you Mondo." He pulled away slightly at my words, eyes deeply focused on me and me alone. "And I love you... more than you could ever fucking know..."

"i think I know..." I mutter, biting my lip soon after. he swept me into a kiss and engulfed my lips in his, hand gently massaging my lower back to tug me closer into him. Our eyes shut as we melded together, perfectly, as if we were made for each other. Releasing my lips, he pulled back.

"I want you, (Y/N) much."

"We can't Mondo... the Mastermind has cameras everywhere a-and he doesn't want us together..." I gulp. "What about here?" he says, wide eyes begging me.

"Mondo, anybody could walk in. We just need to wait for a while for when he isn't watching us in particular..."

Sighing, he nodded and looked away, my hands still cooped up and embraced by his larger, less delicate ones. Reluctantly, he let me go, dropping my hands softly. "You leave first, I'll follow soon."

"I love you Mondo..." I whispered as though they may be the last words i say to my lover. He smirks and nods. "I'll meet you here again tomorrow. Same time." With a smile, I wave and walk out, heading swiftly to my dorm. As i collapse on my bed, i smile and silently thank the note writer.

Mondo's POV

I watched her leave, my heart pounding against my ribcage, as if pulling me to chase her. . When I tought she'd left me, something broke, different to when I got Daiya killed, something more primal. I'd stood there, frozen, gripping my reddened cheek as Kyoko slyly walked past, dropping a note into my pocket.


Wait in the baths. The Mastermind is planning something. Someone will meet you in there.


That note... that note saved me. I don't know why Kyoko cares, but she does for some reason. Some pat of me hoped it was (Y/N) meeting me, whilst another part of me loathed the idea, but no matter what, I could do nothing but love my perfect, beautiful, kinda creepy girl. (Y/N) showing up saved me, dragged me from the water of doubt i was drowning myself in, tore up the plans I had. The plans to end it all.

So what if we didn't get to do what lovers do? We will still me together, I will one day get to do what I've dreamed of with her and she's still mine. I won't let anything, in this prison or wherever the fuck else, hurt her.

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