Chapter 4

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  "Mondo, What the hell?!" I growl, pulling back.
"Look (Y/N), I can explain-"
"You just attacked Kiyotaka! What if you'd killed him, Mondo?" I hissed, stepping back as he slammed the door. "Just..! Argh, I don't know!" he grips his head "Just look, okay, I know you have a crush on him and I thought he liked you back and-"
"I don't have a crush on Taka." Sighing, I said to him, eyes dull.
"You- what?"
"I don't have a crush on Taka, Mondo... I have... a crush on you..." I sigh and look away. "But you can't just hit him because you think I like hi-... wait, why did you hit him because you thought I had a crush on him?"
He froze, eyes wide as he looked away, cheeks tinted pink. "W-well I..." he growled and shut his eyes, yelling "I LIKE YOU (Y/N) I'M SORRY I'M REALLY NERVOUS AND CAN'T STOP YELLING!"
I blushed, eyes wide and mouth agape. "M-Mondo..." He turns back to me, eyes open.
"(Y/N) I-I'm sorry-"
"Shut up and kiss me, you dummy..." I say, blushing. he smiled and held my waist, tugging me closer and leaning towards me. As my face flared up and I held back a scream of happiness, an annoying giggle surfaced from beside us.
"Oho~ I should've known you'd be the first two to hook up! Tee hee~!" Monokuma giggled, hands over his mouth.
"Why you-!" I held Mondo back by his hand, stopping him from attacking the bear. Monokuma giggled. "Well, now the video is being shown allllll over school~!" He twirls around, pointing at the monitor, showing the picture of us about to kiss.
I paled immediately, glaring at the bear. "get out!" I snarled
"Ooh~ feisty fangirl~! Don't worry, I haven't actually shared it, but guess what i fiound in the trash room?"
"Oh god you didn't..."
"Oh god I did!" He smiles, "I photocopied the pages about you and Mondo and spread them everywhere!"
"W-wait you did one about us?" He turns to me again, pink.
"I-it was only fluff..."
"It was adorable~" Monokuma giggles before disappearing.
I ran out, looking for the pages around school. I found most of them, but the last one was stapled on my door. Everyone was huddled around it, reading and muttering. As i stepped closer, my footsteps echoed and they all turned back.
"(L/N)... I had no idea you liked Mondo like that..." Aoi said, covering her blushing cheeks.
"Hmph, you're the only ones who didn't. It was obvious. I'm surprised a fangirl like hat hid it for so long." Byakuya huffed, walking off.
"Maybe my reading of Mondo was wrong..." Yasuhiro pondered.
"J-Just leave! A-All of you... Just leave..." I whimper, pushing through and tearing it down. they all stared at me, scared slightly. "JUST GO AWAY!" I sobbed, turning back to the, tears down my face. they all scattered, muttering amongst themselves.
I turned to unlock the door when I felt a comforting hand on my shoulder. "Sakura just-"
"I'm not Sakura, (Y/N)." Mondo said, spinning me around to face him. "I'm so sorry about that, (Y/N)..." he said, pulling me into a loving embrace.
"Mondo, no... I think its better we avoid each other for a bit..." I sniffle. "J-Just so that Monokuma doesn't ruin both of our lives and drive us to murder..."
"Then come to my dorm room, tonight at lights out, we can talk and nobody'll know." he says, holding my hands. "Please (Y/N), I don't want to lose someone as perfect as you over the fact you wrote about wanting to be with me." He chuckles.
I sighs and nods "A-alright... tonight."
"Tonight." He lets go of my hand and walks off, barking a "The hell are you lookin' at?!" at anyone who looked at him.
I lean on my door, swooning before I walk in and toss the pages in the bin. Laying on my bed, and squeal, kicking my legs happily at the thought of meeting him.  

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