Chapter Four-Halloween in the Air

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September had changed to October, and Hermione would usually be excited that Halloween was approaching

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September had changed to October, and Hermione would usually be excited that Halloween was approaching.  After all, her first Halloween at Hogwarts had been, well exciting.  Sure defeating a giant troll in the dungeon bathroom would be considered traumatizing.  But it was the first real time Harry and Ron had seemed to notice her.  Ever since, Halloween at Hogwarts, with floating pumpkins, black cats and all, was her favorite time. 

But in this case, her mind was far from thinking about the holiday.  For she had spent the last few weeks avoiding Riddles investigations and questions.  He had just gave up on figuring how she had brewed that damn draught.  He had asked her so many times why she was so good at brewing potions, that she almost flipped out and told him. 

She wanted to throw the book right at him countless times, and admit that she wasn't the best, but she knew that would not turn out well. Could you imagine Voldemort with a book of forbidden spells and perfect potion instructions.

She sat by the lake, scribbling down the last of her 12 foot essay due the following Wednesday. She looked up from her parchment annoyed, when she heard a bunch of laughter from across the lake. It looked like a typical cronie meeting, but this time, she could make out Neville's grandfather standing in the midst.

That was it. She shoved her parchment paper in her bag, and stormed over to the group.

"What's wrong Longbottom, sad you will never get a date to the Halloween dance?!" Riddle taunted.

"Yyyou...your wrong...." He stuttered.


disclaimer.....this is based off of the Snivillus scene in the original Harry Potter series, where Lily confronts James for bullying Snape. I love this scene so much. So if it seems familiar....all credit goes to JK Rowling. It is changed slightly to this books plot. By the way, Lily Evans is an undermined character.


"Leave him ALONE!"

Riddle ran his fingers through his hair as Hermione approached.

"Wooo...who who whoooo!" The other Slytherins chorused.

The tone of Tom's voice changed instantly to a more pleasant one. "All right, Granger?"

"Leave him alone," she repeats, glaring at Tom. "What's he done to you?"

"Well, it's more the fact that he exists, if you now what I mean..."

"I'll only tell you one more time Riddle. Leave...Him...Alone!"

The group was now holding Longbottom by his two arms and legs, threatening to throw him in the lake. Riddle lifted his hand, signalling for his servants to wait.

"I will if you go to the dance with me, Granger. Go on.....go to the dance with me and I won't lay a wand on Longbottom again."

"Don't do it.....It's just a lake!" Longbottom cried. Hermione felt sickened by the group.

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