Chapter Five-The third floor Corridor on the right hand side

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The dance ended at 11:00, and students started to make their ways back to their dormitories.  Hermione moved to the side of the crowd making it's way out of the great hall.  She scanned the faces, and had given up that Abraxas had returned.  He probaly was already at the afterparty in the Slytherin common room. 

As she left the hall as well, she was conflicted between returning to her own dormitory, heading to the Slytherin common room, or making her way while the teachers were preocupied to meet Tom at the Wooden bridge.

She didn't want to meet the past lord Voldemort in the dead of night where nobody was around, but it seemed tempting.  He knew something, and she wanted to find out what.  She looked over her shoulder quickly, before advancing the opposite direction of the crowd.

The guilt that Abraxas would be waiting for her, was replaced by fear that she would be caught sneaking out of the castle, as she now quickly hurried towards the courtyard.  Her eyes flickered to an occasional couple that were snogging in a nook of the corridor, but she walked past, in a hurry to not be seen.  Not that they would notice.

She reached the one end of the bridge, stopping to look down the long dark space ahead of her.  "Lumos." She whispered.  There was a stray bit of moonlight that provided light, but it didn't fully illuminate the wooden planks, in which Hermione pointed her wand light at so she wouldn't twist an ankle in her heels. 

It was quiet, and in a way peaceful, but there was still an eerie manner to the surrounding pine trees and there swaying shadowed figures.  She halted in the middle of the bridge, resting her hands on the wood and quietly looked out.

She remained that way  with each passing minute, growing impatient that Riddle was not going to come.  It must have been midnight by now.  She snapped her head towards the entrance to the bridge, hearing footsteps. "Nox" she whispered, the light from her wand dissapearing.

She peered into the distance, confirming the approaching figure was Riddle as a ray of moonlight hit his face.  She stood still waiting for him to reach her.  "You came!" He said as if he expected her not to.

"For a second I thought you wouldn't" Hermione reprimanded.

"Please apolagies.  I was stuck in a bit of a situation."

"Surely a great Wizard like yourself Riddle can find a way to sneak out."

"Likewise I'm here."

A moment of silence followed, as Hermione stared at him questionly. "what was it you wanted?"

"I would say not what I wanted, but how I can help."

"What would I need help for?"

"Granger....don't play dumb with me."  He shifted closer to her.  "I don't know where you came from.....or why you are here.....but you need something.  That's why you havn't left yet."

"I've already explained why I am here....I was running-"

"You've explained a lie Granger.  When I found you by the lake, you tried to run.  You wanted to leave.....and the only reason you havn't left, is because you havn't found what you are looking for."

"So you call me out here based on a suspicion that I'm trying to leave."

"Granger.....I'm going to find out what you are up to sooner or later.....or you could simply tell me and I'll help you find what you are looking for."

"You have already told me you would find what I'm up to.....and clearly you havn't suceeded.  All you have is a suspicion.  And besides....if I were up to something....which I'm not!  Why would I trust you to help me?"

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