Chapter Seven-Study Buddies

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Monday crept upon the Castle, with much distaste from the student body. Many teachers had demanded scrolls of work to be done over their precious weekend, therefore resulting in students sprawled around the great hall scribbling away on their unfinished assignments.

Hermione stared at the students with ink on their hands, and scrunched up faces. "If only they did it earlier...." she mumbled to herself.

"Did what earlier?" Abraxas asked, quickly filling the empty spot next to her.

"Malfoy! can't sit here!" Hermione protested noticing all the glances from the other end of the Gryffindor table.

"I honestly don't care." He said plucking an apple from the center of the table. He took a large bite, and after swallowing spoke again. "You know....Tom was really mad this morning, I haven't seen him like this in a long time"

"So?! She asked, now hyperventilating on the inside. He was mad because she called him a murderer. You are stupid Hermione!

He smirked taking another loud bite of the poor half destroyed apple. "Nothing....I'm just commenting."

Hermione turned back to her plate, her brain swirling. " could I ask you a favor?" She said snapping towards his smirking features again.


"Well today in classes....could you sit next to me?" She said, hoping that this would act as a buffer between her and the infamous Voldemort.

His face lit up more than she had expected. "I would love to Granger."

Just then another Slytherin popped down next to Malfoy. Followed by another and another and another, until there were 10 Slytherins sitting at the table.

"Hey Abraxas....can we join you? We are trying to avoid the rath of Mr. I'm the greatest wizard of all time."

Hermione cocked up her eyebrow in Question to who that was, but she had a pretty good guess. Her eyes shifted to the Slytherin table where Tom sat, glaring at the group. Hermione looked away when he caught her gaze.

Five more Slytherins sat down at the table, this time female. Instantly breaking into chatter with there fellow house guests.

And that's when Hermione noticed that the whole hall had fallen silent. Had she forgotten that a large group of Slytherins sitting at the Gryffindor table would give anyone a heart attack? Based on the reaction of the rest of the hall, it was worse. Every single pair of magical eyes was laid on them.

What else would happen? She imagined the reaction if Draco Malfoy himself hopped over to sit with Harry her and Ron. This was that situation about fifty years prior. No wonder shock filled the room.

"Ok...I'm going to go to class now." Hermione piped up, even though only Abraxas was listening.  She got off the bench, and books in hand began to walk towards the exit.

Still silent, the entire room watched her leave, her footsteps remaining the only sound against the stone floor.  They watched as Tom too, quickly got up from his seat making his way towards the exit.  He glared at those he passed who were obviously staring at him, not caring what they thought, before slipping into the corridor.

Instantly the Great Hall erupted into conversation, but he ignored the blatant murmurs, and rather followed after the girl in front of him.   She was heading to the dungeons, and based off the speed she was moving, he would never catch up to her....If he walked.

He quickly flew through the air, so fast only a cat with peery little eyes would notice his black wisp through the corridor.

Hermione felt the sudden draft of cold air sweep by her, but thought it was just her paranoia again.  She halted eyeing suspiciously the door of a broom cupboard that slowly opened with a creak.  She moved towards it standing in the door's frame, observing the shadowed space inside.

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