Chapter Six-I Solemnly Swear That I Have not Murdered....Yet

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"Harry, it's not a good idea to be using that could be dangerous!" she said as all three of the Golden Trio took a jaunt about the lake.  It was there free period just after lunch, and the two boys wished not to study, when they would have to endure another History of Magic class in half an hour time.

"Look....Hermione, I know you're concerned, but remember that broom Sirius sent me and you thought it was wasn't. And Tom Riddles diary was dangerous, but we used it anyway." he shrugged.


"He has a point 'mione. What harm could the book do anyway?, other than boost his ego." Ron chimed in, receiving a glare from Hermione. 

"Honestly!...Why do you two have to be so thick?!....Even if it isn't's still wrong." she huffed.

The memory swirled, in replace of the outdoor atmosphere was a dark lit dungeon.  Hermione snapped her head to look at the person behind her. It was Harry holding the Prince's book.

"Hermione....." His voice echoed coldly.  "You used the used it after you said yourself it was evil.....evil....evil...." he said in an scornful tone.  The voice was chilling, and she wasn't even sure it was Harry's.  "You're a always have been."

"No!....Harry. It wasn't like that-" she cried.

"Remember Hermione....we must not tell lies...."

"Don't listen to him." Another figure called, smirking from the corner of the room.  As if he thrived on the two's tension.  "Why should he....the chosen one....why can he use it but not you?......what is he compared to you?......Why is he the famous one?.....What has he done?.....your better than him Hermione...."

"You're a hypocrite!.....I can't believe you would do this!.....I thought we were on the same page Hermione......friends....but not anymore." He paused staring at her with pity.  "You're the kissed the enemy!" He yelled.

"Harry! don't mean this....this isn't real!"

"Don't did the right thing Granger....think of what you could be....think of what you could become.  What we....could accomplish. For the greater good.....the greater good.....the greater good............"

This isn't real....

It isn't real.....

It isn't real.........

Hermione inhaled a sharp breathe, her eyes flying open.  It was just a dream.  She laid in her four poster bed, wrapping her head around everything.  Why she had dreamed this.....was obviously because even her unconscious self was guilty for kissing Tom Riddle....again.  

She lay still in her empty dormitory, before realizing that sitting idle and doing nothing all day would only make it worse.  Make the gnawing feeling in her stomach unbearable.  groaning, she got herself out of bed, catching her reflection in the mirror.

Oh Merlin she looked beautiful.  If beautiful meant dark circles under her eyes, smudged mascara, ruly bushy hair, and skin color paler than a ghost.

"Hey....Granger wait up..." Abraxas called, catching up to her in the corridor a quarter of an hour later.  " look awful....are you alright?"

"Of course I'm alright." she said defiantly.

"It's don't seem well."

"I couldn't sleep is all."

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