Chapter Fifteen-Boyfriend

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She stared out the window, watching through the dark water.  Occasionally there would be a shadow of a fish passing by. 

It had been about six hours since they were back. Unfortunately they had to wait outside in the snow until the dance was over so they could sneak through the castle. For some reason Tom had dragged her through the Slytherin common room and into his dormitory. 

She pondered her choices, about trying to get her future back, or simply letting it be.  And upon her concentration, she decided she would give it until the end of the year.  It was winter holiday now, so that gave her six months. 

She jumped as his breathe brushed the skin on her neck, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind.  "Stay the night Granger?" He whispered huskily, his lips practically against her ear. 

She developed a tingly feeling in her stomach. A mixture of fear and excitement.  She spun around meeting a pair of eyes, staring hungrily down at her.  She leaned forwards, brushing her lips on his, pulling away to tease him once he attempted to enter her mouth. 

"I don't think you want to play games Granger." He said, advancing forwards and pinning her to the wall.

However she ducked from his grip pressing against his chest as his back was now to the wall.  "Who said I was playing games?" She said with a smirk. 
She backed away, placing a non verbal charm over him, preventing him from moving.  She un zipped her jumper, and removed with her shirt onto the floor, leaving her in a bra.  Her jeans followed.  

His eyes roamed over ever inch of bare skin, just as they did on the first night she met him, standing outside, soaking wet with no clothes.  Her new found source of confidence was surprising her, yet her need for more with him was growing.

The charm war off, and his hands instantly grabbed her hips, throwing her onto his bed.  His mouth fought with hers until he began to trail his lips across her jawline, leaving wet kisses. 

There was a fatal knock on the door. "What was that?" Hermione asked with a heavy breath. 

"It was nothing." Tom said, bring his lips back down onto hers. 

There were three more raps in the door.  "Tom, I thought maybe we could spend some time together.  Everyone else is asleep so...." a females voice filtered through the door. 

Hermione pushed Tom of her by pressing her hands against his chest. "Who the bloody hell is that!?" She asked in a jealous whisper. 

"How am I supposed to know." He said with an annoying groan. 

"Really?" Hermione asked arching an eyebrow.  She shook her head, muttering "you're despicable".  She swung her legs out from underneath him and got off the bed. 

"Granger! Wait what are you doing?" He reached out to pull her back to him, but she slapped his hand away.

"Don't touch me!" She yelled pulling on her jeans. 

"I swear I don't know who that is." Tom pleaded. 

"Tom are you alright?" The voice called from the door.

Hermione gave him a deadly glare.  "I trusted you, do you realize that? Do you realize what I was just going to let you do?" She grabbed up her jumper,  "no I shouldn't blame you, I should have assumed I was just one of your shagging partners, silly me."  She turned towards the door. 

"Granger wait, you have this all wrong-". But she was already through the door leaving the shocked look on Malfoy darling sisters face. 

"Tom?"  Draconian asked. 

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