Chapter One-Found by a prefect

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Her footsteps echoed down the empty corridor

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Her footsteps echoed down the empty corridor.  The walls were familiar, but she felt anything but comforted.  She was now in some time, in which she hadn't planned on coming, and she would have to figure what year it was to get back.  She mentally cursed ever owning that golden chained time turner, in which was still tucked into her jumper.

Her head snapped around, as she heard footsteps coming from around the corner.  She mustn't be seen.  She wasn't supposed to be here, and talking to those from the past, could be disastrous in changing her future. Looking for a way out, her eyes flickered to the handle of a broom-closet, and within seconds she threw herself in.

The footsteps grew louder, but seemed to pass her hiding place, resulting in her to let out a breath in relief.  However they stopped, and seemed to be doubling back to where she was.  She held her breath, praying that the person wouldn't open the door.  They were definitely on the other-side.  She held her wand ready, in case she had to get out of this one.

As soon as the door opened she instantly yelled "Stupefy!", sending a jet of red light from her wand.  But to her upmost surprise, the other blocked it effortlessly.

"How dare you attack a prefect!" The male voice said coldly.

She decided not to respond, and could only half study the features of the boy's face, since the dim lit corridor provided little light.  He yanked her out of the cupboard with a tight grasp on her arm.

"Let go of me!" she said sternly meeting his eyes.  This was no time for being friendly.  Maybe if she came off as cold, he would leave her alone.

"who are you?  I've never seen you around the castle before." He accused.

She debated whether or not to tell him the truth of her name.  But she had no ancestors of the time, so concluded that it was safe.  "I'm Hermione Granger.......and you are?" she said raising her eyebrow.

"Watch your have no idea who you're dealing with."

"And please do spare me the details.....I'd like to be going......however you've got hold of my arm!"

He looked down at her with complete shock.  Who was this girl?  Nobody dared to talk to him the way she was.  For the first time, somebody was not cowering just from his presence.  He didn't know whether to take it as flattering, or infuriating.  He decided to let go of her arm, but realized it was a mistake as soon as she turned and kept walking down the corridor.

"Hey!" he yelled, striding up to her, and grabbing her wrist to prevent her from leaving. "Where do you think you're going?! You are up past curfew.....and a punishment is in order."

"I hardly think that is necessary." the girl spat back, yanking her wrist out of his grip.

"May I remind you I happen to be a-"

"Prefect........yeah I know." She turned again.

"Then why are you walking away?!"

"Because I don't really give a flying gargoyle what you are!  Now leave me alone!"  She continued to walk down the corridor.

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