Chapter Eight-Common Rooms

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He rolled in his bed all night. He couldn't succumb to sleep. To his annoyance, Hermione Granger was all that occupied his thoughts. It was supposed to work the other way around, seduce her until she couldn't live without him. But now she had teased him so effectively, that he needed Granger.

The worst of it all was she knew she was making him suffer. She knew leaving a few ghostly whispers on his lips would drive him mad. Could her flirty gestures be sincere, or were they just means of torture?

As soon as light slipped through the cracks where the curtains of his bed were drawn together, he thrust them open and made his way over to his trunk.

Within five minutes he was dressed and one of the first to enter the great hall. Here he would wait for her. He sat rigidly, not removing his eyes from the entrance, and watched every student come through.

He waited an entire hour, but there was no sign of Granger! He clenched his fist in annoyance, and mumbling a few profanities, got up to leave the hall.

In determination to find her, he made the trek up several staircases towards Gryffindor tower, landing In front of the Fat Lady. "Let me in!" He scowled.


"I said let me in!.....or if you rather I will force my way in, with a destruction of you first!" He spat, impatient with these stupid portraits. He was bloody Tom Riddle. How did this picture think she was going to stop him?

"Not unless you have the password young man!....and watch your attitude!"

He punched the portrait in annoyance. "I swear to!-" he halted, his eyes flickering to a young boy struggling to carry a pile of books. Definitely a first year, and by the color of his tie a Gryffindor.

"Excuse me!" The boy piped, pushing past Riddle to stand in front of the Fat Lady. "Dancing Gargoyle." He spoke. The Fat lady smiled down at him.

"See....he says the password like a respectable man should!" She swung open to let the boy through, and Tom took this opportunity, jumping in front of the boy, and entered the Gryffindor common room.

It was covered with shades of red, and gaudy tapestries. He swore to Salazar Slytherin he would never enter this sad excuse of cheery Gryffindors common room, but evidently he still stood here.

The few that still hadn't went to breakfast, had immediately turned their heads to look at the well known Slytherin with curiosity. 

"Have either of you seen Hermione Granger?" He asked in a stern tone. 

Most of them shook their heads. One girl in the corner replied and he met her eyes immediately.  "Why is it you want to know? must be urgent since you came all the way-"

"For one you should mind your own business....and it is in relation with my prefect duties."  He glared at the members of the room, so stubborn and defiant.  They didn't cower as much but rather were making it known he was unwelcome. 

It was useless to say anything more, and rather discomforted by the environment he left, once again walking hurriedly through the corridors. He reassured himself she must have headed to her first class early, and feeling ignorant for jumping to conclusions, he headed towards potions. 

Now footsteps away from the classroom, he swung around the doorframe, scanning the scene.  There were students, about half the room full, but no Granger. 

His anxiety doubled when scanning the room thrice times just to make sure she wasn't hiding behind a book.  Class was about to start, and he didn't identify Granger as the person whom would skive off her lessons. 

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