Chapter Sixteen-Something of yours

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The bathroom was silent, except for the sound of water dripping from one of the leaky faucets

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The bathroom was silent, except for the sound of water dripping from one of the leaky faucets.  It still was unoccupied witch Hermione found strange.  That was until she heard the familiar wail.

She walked around a row of stalls, making her way to the closed one, arching her eyebrow curiously.  "Hello?"

The door flew open, but as she peered inside, all there was was the solemn looking toilet, matched with a measly role of toilet tissue.

Her hope was still present.  That was that she would find the famous ghost in her day.  That meant there was a chance the diary was a horcrux.  But then the sink caught her eye as she walked towards the U-bend.  The sink that led to depths far below the castle.  She herself had never been, but according to Ron it was awful.

She drew in a breathe sharply at the sound of footsteps in the corridor. It was peculiar considering the late hour. But instinctively she did not hide within the bathroom's confinement, she followed her curiosity, and proceeded after the sound. The thought of her prior mission discarded. But she had a feeling the wanderer was connected to what she wanted to know.

Following at a safe distance, three more turns and she was discouraged by the direction. Towards the teacher quarters. What on earth would someone up to mischief go doing in the teachers quarters? Yet again she wished to know whom this person actually was.

There was the sound of a door opening, causing her to stop around the corner, back pressed against the stone wall of the castle. Though she heard the small sound of greetings, and concluded a teacher had accepted the student. There was a soft click, and the light that shed into the corridor disappeared, leaving her alone in the dark.


Hermione had stormed into the great hall the following morning, a look of anger on her face, and as she slammed her book down on the Slytherin table, Mulciber, whom was sitting opposite the enraged beauty was frightened.

"Where is Riddle?" she exclaimed in a determined manner.

He looked up at her, not knowing how to respond. "I don't know."

"No. He is up to something, and I need to-"

"Need to what?" She adverted her gaze towards the blonde whom had just invlolved himself in their conversation.

"I didn't ask you."

"I'm just trying to help." He said, wich Hermione realized with  sincerity.  She hadn't talked to Abraxas in a while.  Yet he had been one of the first she associated with upon her arrival in the past. 

"I know I'm." She paused. "Sorry." She grabbed a piece of parchment, embarrassed now for disregarding him with such ease.  "Here." She scribbled a time for the two to meet her at the library. "You can come and help me or not."  She handed them the parchment before the intimidation of the rooms whispers caused her to relocate herself at the Gryffindor table. 

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