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My internship was going good.
Half-a-day was gone.
I worked hard enough to cover up my rather half day bunk.
Things were organized for me by me!

Like this, two tiring days passed away. I realized that I had messaged Ron just twice in these two days, which was, I presume, mean on my part.
But then, was he waiting for me to text? I wasnt sure.

On the next morning, it was 12, I called him to pick me up.
He was at the venue in sharply in an  hour.

We drove away, and halted at Pizza Hut to feed ourselves. We took away some for dinner as well.
He offered me hookah or beer but I denied both for both of us.
Getting high wasnt my thing.

I was tired enough, and trafic here was more harassing.

I woke up on bed and the time was 7 in the evening.

I couldnt get it!


When she called, my heart thumped with joy. She was back finally.

We drove to eat and celebrate her coming back, and my denied hookah and beer offer.

While we talked and drove back home, the trafic was considerably heavy and she slept mid way.

I pulled my car at the parking, but she didnt tend to wake up. I got her up, sliding my hands through her calf mid and biceps to pick her up, without letting her wake up and took her up in the room to lay her down so she may sleep well.

She woke up and searched for me, amd asked me certain thing of what and how. I answered her and she laughed crazily. I thought I'd be slapped for touching her without her permission but Then, she trusted me.

We were to go to a night club by 9.

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