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We were all set to set the stage on fire.
We means the entire ladies of our family.
We had reharsed a lot, and were gonna show off.
I meanwhile hunted for some snacks and hot chicks.
Found none!
I sat down there at a corner, and enjoyed other people's performances.
I was a bit shaky, but I always overcome it.
I went to the Bride and the Groom, sitting at the very centre of the grand hall, the must was done, i meant Selfies and I proceeded towards the stage with a huge crowd cheering behind me, mostly my family members and cousins.


I peeped inside the grand hall, but  didnt find anything much intresting going on, so chose to slumber on the outside couch, with wifi connected. The only thing to keep me entertained.
Suddenly the noise inside got louder, as if the popoulation inside was doubled, and then a Punjabi beat song was played. This was now irresistable. I got inside. Oh my God! I was amazed. Without my concious knowing, I stood amidst the hall, behind the Bride and The groom, with one of my other guy cousin. I looked at him and he looked at me and then we looked on opposite sides and then stuck to the stage. We passed a common undersatnding that we were not the only two people watching the centre aligned view with jaws dropped.
She danced with feirce, and still with such joy. I was, indeed, Amazed. She was amazing, and Energetic. The energy radiated via her was, as if, absorbed by us. She charged each and every electron of the atmos. Her performance was over.

The hall was now left empty for just us, Boys time. We attacked the DJ with worst of the vulgar songs and danced, got high, actually this was pre-Baarat rehersal, disguised!

Meanwhile, people left for dinner, to buffer arena.

We danced so much, that I was now exhausted and void of energy and sense of regognizion. No sooner than I thought I would resign, than I saw her. Yes, She just passed by running, to get into a closing lift, and she vanished.

I droped over my bed, with my other guy cousin and slept!

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