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I got ready and went down to check the arrangements, and passing by the laundry room I saw two madmen running for getting their shirts ironed. Pravinn gave me a helpless look, and I gave an "Aww" look, and we left!

Meanwhile, my phone vibrated with my friend's message, about his ex arriving at the venue for the party, and I was ever-ready to murder him at any moment.

I entered the venue. Photography session with the family went on.
We posed, laughed and clicked. And effortlessly became the spotlights ourselves. We were really enjoying.

Suddenly, I saw my friend's ex. I attacked him with a devilish "Hey"!
He was shocked!!
"How are you, bloody Cheater?" I asked.
"Just good. What are you doing here?"
Asked he.
Distracted by their look, I couldnt reply him properly and they both gave me a look of disappointment as if they thought this guy was my ex. Oh,No!
"My Cousin's marriage. I hope you have got a gift heavy enough to pay for your double plates."
And then I continued my slangs combined with smile, and spoke everything I held in, as he deserved to listen these in the manner I said him.
I was satisfied. But looking at them back made me realize, I had been talking to this jerk for quite a long time and people have presumed their part of gossip.
Oh Holy Jesus! Save me please.

I proceeded to welcome the Bride. The elegant entry took place, inclusive of loud and heavy music, the Groom waiting on stage, the people all over hooting and shouting and clapping, flower petals and party poppers were showered immensly and snow sprays were used recklessly.
Nothing was left, as far as I can count, and walking beside her made me bath into those materials.
I was now walking box of these flower petals, party popper contents and melted snow sparys all over me.

Helping my cousin to manage her gifts, on the stage I noticed Pravinn. He was looking good, in black tuxuedo. Actually both of the brothers wore black tuxuedo. So common😂

We talked about my helplessness over stage, and he reassured me that I still managed to look good. This talking happend without talking verbally. Our eyes and actions did the talking.

We left for dinner. It was near about mid night.


She was talking to a guy so closely with big smile on her face? What the heck? I and Pravinn was shock stricken. Actually I couldnt frame out why we were like that so? She wasnt either of ours personal posession, anyway!

The Bride entered, and beside the overladen bride was her. She barely had any jewellery on her contradict to the bride.

They were now upon stage and she was funnily laded with flower petals and party poppers shitt. I couldnt resist my laughter.!

I went ahead to feed myself, and as soon as I turned back I saw Pravinn and Samiiera were engaged with eye talks. Ok Fine! Fuck!

We then together went to dining hall and we didnt saw her.

But now was mid night and food was important than girl, atleast for now!


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