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He was in here.
I asked him to come in.
He shut the door behind him.
This gave me surity that he too wanted it.
I could read that insanity over his face. Scribbled.

With every step he took forward, my heart was thumping more louder and was sinking into my stomach.
The butterflies inside as if became dragons, buggling fires.

He gave me looks, so confused and desperate,all at once.

I got up and went up to him.

I made the first move, and took his hands and put it on my waist, and wrapped my hands round his neck.

I was standing in a sufficient distance.
I asked him about The Tea Cup.

The next moment was the declaration of starting.

He pulled me strongly and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

He pulled away and answered.....

As Delicious As You.!

I was all gone. Flat. Surrendered.


She was sitting on the bed.
I didnt dare make a move.
Yes, I have to admit I feared her.
She wasnt a peraonality to he crushed like other girls.
She called me near her but still I was freezed on my position.
Oh My God!!
I was such a coward.
There are so much of things going on my mind, Just cant express 'em.

Thoughts are running, running wild indeed.

I took steps forward, gaze lowered.

I reached near her and looked at her.
So innocently, with legs all bare and folded on one side, hair too hanging on the same side, half tied, I could even make out the slightest muscle cut of her legs.

What a pevert I just turned into.
I wasnt this not this 10 minutes ago.
But what was I now? Who ?
Oh shit! What the fuck is happening?

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