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After a year....


I was now into a college and was settled.
I really had a very light tint of Ron's existence on the back of my mind!
But I didnt forgot him, just didnt had time to remember him.
As Simple As That.

College was going good, But suddenly an explosion took place. Guess what???

We were given internship, and I had to go to Ron's place. Vaao!
I was paid for the lodging, and fooding as well. It was like living in some other city and doing a regular based job. But, now what else is called internship?

I packed and boarded a flight to that place.
My father offered me arranged lodge but I lied to them that college is providing us everything, we have to stay with and under the college but this was no way even close to the truth.
Internship was less of internship and more of inspection thing.
It was for 3 days but I said at my own home that it would last for 5 days, because I wanted to roam around that place and also photography session was a must.

I called Ron from Airport giving him this surprise.
He exploded over the phone!!

After an hour, he was here to pick me
up with his Suv.

It took us an hour more to reach his house.
Meanwhile, I made arrangments to proove it to the college authorities that I was staying at a relative's house and I also arranged a fake NOC to be pesented.

U know, I was supeaa smart!😎

While he was driving silently, I made a billion calls to clear off the burden of this mess  I chose.
It was all done. I didnt even realise that we were into his apartment's parking.
" I am sorry, I didnt let you drive peacefully. So much of mess had to be cleared off, u know!" I apologised, embaressed.
"Its all fine. Lately, You will have more to talk If you are done with this now!" He said.

I got into his house. It smelled good.
He showed me his flat, which was 1BHK but was still spacious. Later, he revealed that he divided his one of the bedrooms, half into kitchen and half into the other room, Thus to make it more spacious.
I kinda like this trick.

I went in to freshen up!


I was too happy to see her.
This happiness was if some another kind.
I was relived as if I got some long lost asset back.
I thought to strike a conversation in the car, but I was feeling damn awkward, what for I dont really know. I waited for her to start but she was busy handling her stuffs, and I gave her time to.

As soon as we were in my flat, She took a round and appreciated such a shitty place and went inside to change or freshen up or whateva!

Meanwhile, I prepared a cup of tea for myself, closed all the windows and shut down the curtains and switched on the ceiling lights and the central air conditioner and till the time I was back after changing my shirt into casual gymers, she was there.

She sat on the chair, cross legged and had my cup of tea in her hand. I couldnt say her anything, because she had such a big grinn spread over ger face.
"Thankyouuu so much dearie Ron!!, You should open a tea stall on the road side, I assure You it will do well, and if you say, marketing would be all mine!" This was her way of complimenting.
"Fuck off!!" Was my way of saying thankyou.

She was very much comfortable and didnt made any remark nor complained about anything or any setting of the house.
She jumped over the left sofa, and me on another.
I noticed her bare legs, as she was wearing Adidas gym shorts and racer back tees.
She was beautiful!

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