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After few days....


We reached back home.
Now I and Pravinn didnt talk anymore. He was mean and rude on his part just longing for lust.

I searched Ron on social media and texted him sorry for the way I scratched his biceps and abused him publicaly, but he excused me because he just longed for a cup of apologetical coffee with me, and I was fine with it because he wasnt in my hometown, so this wasnt gonna happen anyhow.
Lately, I realized he was my type to talk. Talkitive, no filter, all slangs, everything which was on his mind and heart was on his texts .
I liked that.

We soon became good friends, talking every sort of nonsense available and at times cheap as well.
Oh, we didnt missed out on being vulgar, but with dignity.
He knew his limits and mine as well.
He never made me feel uncomfortable.

Ron and I were now used to each other. His slangs sounded heavenly because no one could make it in the way he did.

It was may be so on his part as well.


This college sucks, for real! All time lectures and more lectures, assaignments and yeah more of it.

Hookah was the only one, I felt like, loved me back.

I was high that night and suddenly received a text from someone I wished.

"I am really sorry for that scratch on your biceps. I really didnt intend to, but just bimistakely. And I hope your girlfreind must not have gone mad over you seeing this. I apologise!"
It read this.
I was schocked.
I read it three time again, to be sure.
I replied her that just a sorry wouldnt do and she will have to bribe me with a coffee at CCD to get her apology accepted!

She was very outspoken, and soon we became freinds.

We talked almost everyday and all types.

U know what I mean by "All Types!"😈

I felt for her, but didnt risk my friendship with her.

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