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We went back to our rooms and prepared for the ceremony to be held.

I thought about the introductions today morning, and sending freind request wouldnt be that bad, was my conclusion.
And I did so, and realised my conclusion which proved to he superb.

We texted each other, but couldnt talk properly because of the work that lay ahead.

Oops! I forgot to mention, His name was Pravinn, a MBA student at a metropolitan town. Good! and his brother, Ron, the tea lover!

We were now back to our rooms.

"Mom, straightener's socket is burnt!! Oh,No!!" I shouted.
"Use the dryer,with the brush!" Exclaimed my mom.
I thought, this wont be that bad.

I suddenly received a message from my best friend over whatsapp.


"Man, gimme the heck iron!!" I shouted over whom, god knows. My temperature is high AF! I didnt iron any of my shirts, as I packed in a rush. This was real rush, indeed. The Rush Hour! Sarcasm to be ignored.
"Could you please die for an hour?" Replied my brother Pravinn. Correct it, Idiot Pravinn.
God please help!!
I ran with our shirts, actually crisp linen silk black high-collar shirt, with additional zara buttons, downstairs to laundry room, followed by him. We both were in pyjamas and wests, like madmen who were disaster stricken.

And again, she saw us. Samiiera saw us. Fuck!!
She was ready, beautifully dressed up in a fishcut gown, with low heels and set hair, and effortless makeup.
I thought of Noticing her later, because I gotta rush now. I ran towards my destination, but didnt saw Pravinn following, and what else it could be. He was lust stricken.

We finally got ready, and left with The Groom, to the temple and danced crazily on streets and returned back to the venue.

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