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We were back home.
I dropped him over his bed and changed and dropped myself over the sofa.

I realised that I fel asleep, when I woke up nearly on 2 of night.

My head was aching, I dont know why! I didnt even sipped the alcohol nor puffed Hookah.

I went to the kitchen to make tea.
I didnt make any measurements of tea and milk and tea leaves I threw into the boiler.

I waited for my tea to boil and meanwhile Ron was standing behind me.

He had changed. He was in wests and jeans hanging sexily from his hips like hanger.

He sat on the slab just staring at me and spoke nothing.


I woke up and I was lying on the bed, on my belle.
I could smell the fragrant tea.
I just threw my shirt, and was finding something to wear but had to put wests over jeans and I moved into the kitchen.

Samiiera was there. She was making it, The Tea Cup, half sleepy.

I sat on the slab and spoke nothing.

She served us both on the table.
My head was aching and her tea was my disprin.

She finished before me.
He laid her head on her hands, flat on the table, and was staring at me silently.

This silence was confusing.

She came upto my chair, took The Tea Cup away from my grip slightly and put in on table.

She sat on my lap, both the legs wrapped on the chair stands and both her hands behind my neck.

I could feel her breathe on my face.

She murmured,"I just loved that jealousy. So geniunly you!" and she laid her head on my shoulder, face on the opposite side.
For a moment I was silent.

Then I made a move to touch her earlobes but she moved away.

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