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I saw someone yesterday, and hoped to see him today, but it was a faint hope.
"Could you please hurry up? Breakfast isnt for the entire day here!" shouted my sister over me.
"Yeah! I'll be there in 10, please proceed" I replied.
I was definately late. I rushed towards the lift, but it was late like a bullock cart. I took the stairs and rushed downstairs, and I saw someone. Yes, It was him.
Puma trousers and a casual mismatched shirt-- he still managed to look cool, he was with someone, I didnt bothered to notice.

I fed myself with every bakery item, because I love it. And afterall, I workout hard so that I can eat 'em all!

I walked up towards the counter, where beverages were. And guess what????? Tea was missing! This was so cruel!!


My head was aching badly, from yesterday night. I thought of having a bed tea, but then, It was a hotel, and I didnt even had a penny in my pocket and the cards ran out of balance because I smoked a lot more hookah inside and outside the lounges as I wasnt gonna smoke for 3 days. 3 Long long days. I dont wanna destroy my impression of a good boy in family.
I went down dragging my brother along with me, and no sooner that I reached the buffet arena that I attacked the Tea counter but got nothing! Fuck!
All slangs were blurting out of my mouth as if I had no control over it, But then suddenly The Groom Brother of our dragged us to her table. After the introductory session I learned that she was a close cousin of The Bride. My guy cousin just smiled at her and said "Good Morning" and her eyes were just stuck at him. I got it that I had no chance! Fuck!
I started accusing the beverages counter crew and she joined me, waao. What a girl she was! The-Tea-Type.

I noticed that entire breakfast session, my guy cousin and she were exchanging looks, and I was like ok fine! Who wouldnt just surrender to her! Fuck!

We left the buffet after having the meal, as we planned for Gurudwara trip, and had to come back before ceremony!

Oops! I forgot to mention something! She was looking pretty in white look-through formal top tucked in Navy Blue Silk Sarong.

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