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no more of shopping please, mom! this sucks!" I said, entirely pissed off!
I hated shopping, but had to do it to be presentable at the event.
What the event was? It was a cousin's wedding! But I was there only to meet my family and to eat.
A lot if hustle and bustle was going on in the house, but I had to, unwillingly, keep up with it.
"Arrange the luggages properly, none should be disturbed" Said my Dad.
So ultimately, we boarded the train to other city, the venue of marriage.
That was basically my home-town, and I wasnt here for the first time.
"Good Night, and wake up early tomorrow!" Said my Dad, and we went off to sleep.
Next morning we reached the City! The temprature was hotter than me😂
Just Sarcasm!
We checked into the hotel, our relatives welcomed us, and we warmly met each other.
But quickly we had to move away into our rooms to get ready for the ceremonies.
we went, cross introduction of familes took place.
I mean our Side and the other side.
I didnt find anyone intresting enough to talk to. So I was stuck to my plate of breakfast. ASAT.

The ceremonies were over and now was the evening.

I didnt really knew why were I called continuously by my parents. Ok, so it was my cousin's marriage, and he too called me up and insisted to come. How can I not just go! It was my brother's marriage although, and no ways that I can miss out on a free Daru and Hookah. My weakness.
Celebrations were a perfect way of blowing off the steam, but first was ...Ah, leave. later.
I stuffed my suitcase-trolley with whatever brands I could, because Ron is synonym to ego, Attitude and Classy!
Boarded flight to the venue, and 2 hours and I was there.
All relatives welcomed me warmly, and my brother specially, who was the Groom.
We talked for few minutes, and all details were extracted about provisons to drink, party, and Hot chicks specially😉.
And now, It was evening. The sangeet!
I wasnt expecting something fab but went there just in case.
And yes, food was also a factor.

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