chapter 24

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Lucy's POV

I was just finishing hanging up the decorations for Levy-Chans party when suddenly I felt really tired.

Glancing at Natsu, I noticed how warm and soft his chest looked.

Walking over to him, I lied my head on his chest and relaxed.

After a minute, I felt his warm protective arms around me.

We sat in a blissful silence for a few minutes, before Gajeel burst through the guild doors, holding a bloody and hurt Levy.

Gasping, I quickly rushed towards them as Gajeel frantically screamed that they were attacked.

Just as I reached them, Gajeel collapsed in a heap, but somehow still protecting Levy from harm.

Summoning Taurus, I had him quickly, but carefully, carry both of them to the Infirmary, where Wendy was.

After they were inside, I turned around to see the angry upset faces of my guild mates.

Master slowly stood up and began to speak.

" Listen up brats. Today we have witnessed the pain and suffering of two of our Nakama. Today we have been brought a declaration of war! Whoever did this to my children shall pay!"

When he finished his speech we all began to scream and cheer.

Suddenly the guild doors flew off their hinges and one of them slammed into me, knocking me unconscious.

Natsu's POV:

I was burning with rage.

Literally. My skin was ablaze as I watched two men walk inside the guild.

I'd bet my kingdom in Tartarus that these men were the ones to attack  Metal brain and... Levy?

And I absolutely know that these men were the ones that just sent one of the guild doors flying into Luce and knocking her unconscious.

Which means one thing.

These men are DEAD MEAT!?

Launching myself forward, I sent my fist towards their faces, only for my hands to pass right through them.

They were only illusions!?

Snapping my head around, I saw them pick up Lucy's unconscious body and, with a small snap, all three disappeared.

It all happened in seconds.

Collapsing to my knees I silently cried.

This would be the third time Luce has been stolen from me!

Standing back up slowly, I felt my END side slowly start to come back.

Taking deep breaths, I quickly calmed myself.

Turning towards my guild mates, I gave my biggest fake smile.

"Let's go save Lucy!"

Everyone cheered and rushed out the door.

I'm fired up now!


Hi guys! It's been a while hasn't it?


Anyway, once again Lucy has been kidnapped!

And Natsu almost let his END side take over him!

What's gonna happen!

Find out in the next update!

NG out~ 😘

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