Chapter 2

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^Zuko's POV^

I told her to get changed when we entered the southern water trbe territory! And now when we are leaving she goes to get changed!

"Ok I'm back" i heard her say

"Finally" i groaned and turned around

"Finally" i groaned and turned around

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"Wow........i mean what took you so long!" I quickly covered up

"I had to find something red im from the fire nation too you know" she said

"Right, and its good to know that" i said

"Just think prince Zuko, if she was on the other side you would be doomed" Iroh joked

"we're tied uncle!" Zuko shouted

"Chill flamebrain" Kira said

"Lets go princess" I said smugly walking to the front of the ship

"Coming metal head" Kira said joining me

"How many nicknames do have for me?" I asked

"I come up with nicknames for everyone you just have a lot" she answered

I sighed as the ship pulled into the southern water tribe destroying anything in it's path,

"Ok we destroyed mostly a bunch of snow, and something that looked like a poorly made giant snowman" Kira said laughing

"Ok business time Kira" I said trying not to laugh at her statement

As the walkway lowered we both got very serious, even Kira can scare me when she's like this. We both walked down, a boy looking incredibly stupid tried attacking me but of course it was easy, none bender. He threw a boomerang and i moved my head to dodge, the boomerang came back around and hit Kira.

"I wasn't even doing anything yet!" She shouted, she lashed out fire and everyone moved back terrified

"Where is the avatar!" I shouted, and grabbed and old women, "about this old master if all elements" i pushed her back

"Not talking then I'll make you talk" Kira said lighting fire in her hand

Then a kid on a penguin came and knocked me over, Kira's fore went  out and she covered her mouth so she wouldn't laughed.

"You looking for the avatar" the kid said

"Your the avatar" i asked more like stated

"If i go with you will you leave these people alone" he asked and i nodded

"Aang no" a girl about Kira's age exclaimed

"It's ok Katara, I'll be alright" the boy Aang said

A guard took him to the ship and i went too

^Kira's POV^

"The avatar will be fine, just be happy your all alive and your village isn't melted" I said and ran to catch up to Zuko

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