She Liked Me All This Time

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Blaze pov

She left me.

Now I'm looking through her stuff, don't worry, her mom allowed me too, I'm not a creep. I was asked to empty her things, since Jake said that I was closer to Phoenix than he was. When I thought I was done, I saw a piece of paper on the floor, it must have been from one of the boxes. I picked it up and saw Phoenix's handwriting with my name on it. It must have been for me. I sat down on her lavender bed in her lavender room. She had a small desk to the corner and a closet. She had a tv right in front of her bed and a wall full of books. I read:

What do I have to do to get you to notice me?

Change my hair, the way I walk

My clothes, the way I talk

We've known each other for some time now, Yet I'm still invisible to you.

My feelings run down deep and how I only wished you knew.

I see your face everytime I close my eyes

To me you just seem so different from the other guys

To you I'm just a friend, nothing more, nothing less

I settle for friendship in the end because I don't want to make a mess

Instead I'll keep my secret to myself

And take my pride back off the shelf

Until one day you finally see

That you and I were meant to be

I'll wait for now, but not too long

Because sooner or later I'll be gone

So when will you notice me?

By the time I was finished, there were a few tears on the paper. I wiped my eyes and thought "Why didn't I tell her earlier?" She was right. Sooner or later she will be gone and I'll be too late.

I already am.

I just sat on the bed, tears running down my face. I laid down on the bed, letting my tears free. Then I noticed there was something under the covers. I got off of the bed, and went and picked the strange item up.

I realised it was a picture.

A picture of me and Phoenix.

I remembered this, we were at the carnival and Jake wanted just me and Phoenix In a picture.

I smiled at the memory, my tears stopping.

But that was before I realised something else.

There was a heart around me with the words on the back:

When will you notice me?


I know this is short but I felt like I wanted to end here so I did.

Also, I got the poem from a website.

Sorry for not updating for so long.


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