The Accident

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Jake's P.O.V.

You see, what is so great about my spot, is that the bushes around here are so thick, that you can hide in between them

This can be helpful if somebody finds this place, and you have to hide.

I heard rustling in the bushes. Immediately, I went in between the opposite bushes.

"Hello?" The voice asked, I immediately knew that is was Phoenix.

I went out between the bushes and opened it a slight bit so she can come in without others seeing.

When she came in I noticed she wore an angry expression on her face that she wasn't afraid to hide.

"What happened?"

Almost instantly, her angered expression left her face with not a single trace. Instead, it was replaced by a sad and hurt expression.

I could see tears starting to form in her eyes and I knew they were threatening to fall. So I went and gave her the tissues and she, gratefully took it.

"Oh, he said such horrible things! I never thought that was the way people actually talked about me!" Phoenix now needed a second tissue.

"Okay, first of all, what happened!"

"H-he called me spoiled!" Cried Phoenix



"Burk?" I said, confused.

"He's Blaze's twin brother."

Oh yeah. I remember blaze telling me about him.

"But I remember Blaze telling me that he lived in another country. How could he possibly know about you. I know it's hid first day here." I said.

Then it hit me. The only way Burk could have known about this was of Blaze. Surely, even they talked in the phone. I looked up to see Phoenix with a hurt expression on her face. It seemed she figured it out too.

"I HATE HIM!" Yelled Phoenix, not afraid to keep her voice down.

Suddenly, her voice became hoarse. "I thought he was my best friend."

It hurt me to see her like this. Usually, she was a tad bit sassy but she was always strong and not so emotional. Now she crying like there was no tomorrow.

"Phoenix, I-"

"Forget it Jake." With that, she ran out of the bushes and I could have sworn I saw a tear fall.

She turned her back to me and ran out of the bushes. Once she was out, I could hear her sobbing.


I heard an ear piercing scream that could only have come from Phoenix's mouth.

Immediately, I ran out of the bushes, only to wish that the sight before me wasn't real. That it was only a dream. That I'm hallucinating.

I think I hit my head hard on the bushes and that might cause the hallucinations. But as my eyes and brain really take in the scene around me, I realized that this was all real.

What I saw before me was a hurt Phoenix, lying on the ground. She wasn't just mentally hurt, but she was physically hurt too!

Then, chaos.

Everyone was running around, trying to find a teacher. I couldn't move, me feet were like glued to the ground.

It couldn't be...

It can't be...

Before I know it, Phoenix was in an ambulance to go to the hospital, probably there for a few months!

I didn't even realize recess was over before a teacher told me to go back inside since I'll be late for class.

Maybe this is a dream...

I went back to class, smiling happily as I thought that this is all a dream.

But some people were looking at me funnily, wondering why, after everything, that I'm smiling.

As soon as I seen them, they dropped their gaze but I knew it was there. My smile faltered, leaving me wondering

Is this all real?

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