Jake's Hangout

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Jake's P.O.V.

I walked to the field on my own.(Obviously!) I went to the very edge of the field, to the corner. You see, since my friend's don't hang out with me, I've been walking around the field, deep in thoughts. That was how I used to spend my recesses. But then I came across this secret space. It was a a large hole, big enough for 5 people comfortably.

This hole was covered by a big bush do you couldn't see it unless you fall into it.

But to make sure nobody else finds out, I look around first to see if anyone is looking.

Of course, no one would be looking at me, they probably see me as the loner who got gum stuck on his shirts and pants.

It's actually a cool place. It's not that dirty, the dirt on the top layer is hard. The bushes completely surround the hole, making it impossible to see you from the outside. But from the inside, the bushes aren't in the way of the hole, it's like the bushes are a dome shaped room.

I found it like that but then decided to make a few changes. You see, we aren't allowed to eat snacks in recesses, but after school, I went back home and gathered up a BUNCH of snacks. I also brought 3 packs of hand sanitizer and one roll of paper towel. I also brought 3 small blankets, to cover up the inside of the hoel. After I put them in my bag, I headed back to school.

Once I got there, I put everything where I wanted them to be.

So now, the hole is covered up with the blankets,putting weights at the corners and added some pillows. I put the snacks in a big box and hid the box in some bushes. Along with the paper towel and hand sanitizers.

It's a pretty cool place, and I've been coming here ever since...

1 week ago, 12:15

It was a sunny day. I've been walking at the edge of the field when Adam and Lily we're playing with each other. They were playing frisbee. Lily accidentally threw it without Adam looking and it landed in the bush near me.

I wanted to do something nice and get it for them, hoping that they will be friends with me if I do. I went to grab the frisbee behind the bush. Adam and Lily we're searching in the bushes near me but not that near for the to hear me.

I stuck my hand in way behind the bush, wondering why I haven't found it yet. I adjusted my position but when I did, I fell through and found a big hole and the frisbee.

Setting aside the thought that if ould hang out here every recess, I went to grab the frisbee and gave it to Adam and Lily.

I was expecting them to say a thank you but they just needed at me and turned away, making sure to resume playing on the other side of the field.

It hurt me, just because of what my reputation ate this school had become.

Sadly, I went back to the hole, thinking of ideas to do to my little hangout.

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