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It was a stormy day. Jake was in his bedroom reading a book. His room had a light blue wallpaper, with a matching light blue carpet. On one side of the room was his blue bed, facing his small tv with a ps4 underneath it. His closet was on the other side of the room right next to the window overlooking the backyard. Right next to the door was his desk with an untouched math book lying on it. In the middle of it all was his couch, also pointed at the direction of his tv. It gets pretty hot in his room so he turned the air conditioner on.

He hated reading, but Zeehis dad told him to read the whole book or else he couldn't play on his ps4. He wasn't really paying attention to the book. His mind was set on a whole other thing. Ever since he was a little boy, Jake has always wanted a dog. His dad always had work every single day and didn't even get enough money tto take care of Jake and him.

He was an only child and it was getting lonely staying at the house every single day. He never mentioned it to his dad because he knew he would freak out over it, getting a long lecture about how we didn't have any money to take care of the dog.

Jake's mom died when he born. So he didn't remember her much. But his dad talks alot about her, showing me pictures of her. She looked really beautiful. "You have your mother's nose" he would say.

Suddenly he heard a crash which seemed to be coming from downstairs. Jake run down the stairs in the direction of the kitchen. He saw his dad trying to clean up the broken pieces of several plates. Jake looked to the cupboard where they kept all of the plates and saw that they only had a few more left. "Are you okay?" Jake asked. "I'm fine, don't worry about me."his father replied. "Worry about the dishes". Jake watched his father pick up the pieces and throw them in the garbage. "Do you mind doing the dishes?" His dad asked. "No" Jake replied.

Things around the house we're always breaking due to his Dad's clumsiness. While Jake began doing the dishes, his dad looked at his watch and said "Looks like I got to go. Bye!" With that he went out the front door to the soaking street in his way to work. Jake sighed. "Life without anyone here is so boring and gets so lonely." He thought.

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