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Mind v.s Might: Heroes Burn Eternal (A Villain!Deku Fanfic) by Hexcss
Mind v.s Might: Heroes Burn Hexcss
"Evil? What is that? Who gives more shape to history? The good, who adhere to the tried and true? Or those who seek to rouse beings out of their conformity and lead...
Broken Hearts by its_fanficbyishita
Broken Heartsby Sidneetian ❤
Sidneet Fanfic Read the story to know how two hearts fight against the whole world full of lusty and greedy people. Different from other stories this story have Love, Ro...
Catharsis by Spinn_ing
Catharsisby Kate
'No society can escape from the claws of human nature - no matter how built up it becomes, it will never be perfect.' - Unknown Eighteen years ago, a rebellion upset th...
Reflection by Untold_Eulogy
Reflectionby Untold_Eulogy
After defeating the admin the order goes their separate ways leaving Jesse in Beacon town. Jesse thought staying in Beacontown and helping her town recover was the right...
Bedtime Stories by NileshChokshi
Bedtime Storiesby NileshChokshi
This book contains beautiful bedtime stories for kids and toddlers. Go on and read the stories around for your kids and have fun. This book is written by a 12 year boy.
Children's Book of Educational Stories by akachansuki
Children's Book of Educational Aka Suki
This is a collection of stories: most of them originally made and some were heard or read by the author but are told by her own words. They will always contain moral les...
Divine Affinity by PurpleArrow_21
Divine Affinityby Zahrah Moosa
The story of a young Muslim girl compelled to marry a stranger upon her father's demise. Her new husband is a dark and isolated character. Will she find the love of her...
Girl In Disguise by rainbow101100
Girl In Disguiseby Aisha
When 16 year old Jade Wallis has to go in disguise as Kate Parker from America to stay clear of her brother's enemy, will she be able to handle her new surroundings? Wh...
Emerald by jinnis
Emeraldby Jinn Tiole
The planet seems perfect for human settlement: water, an earth-like atmosphere and a lush vegetation. Mil plunges into the study of the biosphere with professional enthu...
The Sad Stories by JazminTea123
The Sad Storiesby JazminTea123
I was just sad, so I made it a thing! I hope you get as much enjoyment as you can from a sad story, and enjoy! This'll be a series of one-shots (for people who don't kno...
The Last Vampire  by JEHallows
The Last Vampire by J. E. Hallows
When a massive solar flare changes life on earth forever, the human race is left with nothing but certain death. All food, all water turned to ash, evolution takes an un...
Riansh OS Collection  by FirstRaysOfSun
Riansh OS Collection by FirstRaysOfSun
Every love story doesn't have a happy ending. Sometimes tragic ending justifies the situation. A collection of some OS and TS on Riansh OS List : 1)Dying In Your Love 2...
Depressed ll jeon jungkook ll  by 123fictionLyf1
Depressed ll jeon jungkook ll by 123fiction Lyf
A world wide famous idol who belongs to luxurious and glittered life unexpectedly met a girl who just knows dark side of life, she was far from beautiful world, she just...
The Arrogance of Elegance by afkopp
The Arrogance of Eleganceby A. F. Kopp
England, 1816. "Mr. Nicolas Burns was a man of high esteem, and I knew without a doubt that I would be his wife one day. If only I could convince him as such."...
Perseus: Excidium Troiae by -TheImmortalWriters
Perseus: Excidium Troiaeby The Secret Society of Writers
Perseus. That was his name. Or at least, that was the name he was given. The Destroyer. When war comes knocking on his doorstep, Perseus is more than ready to aid his b...
Pluna : The Dawn of Mystical World by NitaraRamam
Pluna : The Dawn of Mystical Worldby Nitara Ramam
"The heavenly lights has shone upon her, she's the one 'The Equalizer', " he said astonished by what he saw but terrified at the same time. "There are cer...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
Pushp (पुष्प, A Flower) - A Series of Short Stories by AnkitaPrasanna
Pushp (पुष्प, A Flower) - A Ankita Prasanna Kotulkar
Making a garland from small, delicate flowers (Pushp) for my dear readers... ------------------------- Some short stories for you to read anywhere, anytime Note - This...
The Girl with the Dark Past by Ruth_Barrett
The Girl with the Dark Pastby Ruth Barrett
Clary Fray had a happy life until she was five, then things got bad. Her parents (Jocelyn Fray and Valentine Morgenstern) got divorced. She went to live her father. Vale...
one year by nikkitrash
one yearby nikki
eliza lives her life knowing she only has one year left to live. the cancer is taking her over, and she's not going to fight it. and she's not going to tell anyone (othe...