I'd Rather Be In Love With...You. Part 5

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Part 5

"Wow, I never thought I would meet a football player," I said looking down at the floor with a shocked expression. Ok so you might be wondering why I'm not screaming and shit? Well because I'm not really like those other people, famous people are just like us but with a talent. And may I say some are BIG HEADED!

"Ok, I'm offended by your reaction!" He fake pouted and placed his hand on his heart, but then burst into laughter. "It's cool to have just one sane person in this school,"

"What, every girl comes running to you?"

"When I first started? Yeah, now, yeah but a bit more controlled." I held in a burst of laughter that wanted to escape my lips. He was really one of those 'full of themselves' people.

"Can I just ask something, is it like C..." He cut me off coming to halt and staring at me.


"But I didn't even say...."


"Ok, ok, fine it isn't what I was gonna say, Jesus" I huffed out as I began to walk again. I heard him chuckle behind me and then he was walking next to me again.

"I'm bored! And I don't have a class for another half hour, so I'm heading out, coming?" I just looked at him as he held his keys. Did he just ask me to actually hang out with him? As a friend? Someone who can be friends with any one just asked me to..... "Hello!?! I don't have all day!" I shook my head from side to side and then nodded.

"Wait! What time are we coming back?" he just smiled at me and opened the door to a red Convertible. I slid in and waited for him to get in. Ok why the hell am I getting into a car with a guy I just meet....face to face?! Oh well he doesn't seem like the type to do anything. Plus if he does try something, I've mentally remembered what he taught me from before in hand.

"Ok since I don't know you that well, tell me stuff about you and I'll tell you some stuff about me.....not like you couldn't just have looked it up anyway but go," He parked outside some shops and turned to look at me, all of a sudden I felt uncomfortable as his glare burned holes through me. Just remember don't tell things you don't want to tell, easy! His arm rested on the stirring wheel and his other arm was around the back of his chair. I shifted taking my seat belt off and crossing one leg over the other. Confidence! Girl remember confidence! He smiled as if sensing I was confident.

"Um...I'm eighteen, I love watching football but hate playing it. I was the outcast at school, and sort of the same in my family...."

"Why?" he asked out the blue, his face turning into a slight frown. I looked away from his hazel eyes and down at my folded hands.

"I guess I don't really know about the school one....but the home....I'm just....clumsy, too loud and forced to keep it all down, so I'm this quiet desperate girl while my sister's the slut." When I looked up he had a mocking smirk on and I couldn't help but lean over and slap his shoulder. "Get lost," I said smiling. He chuckled again and I went on.

"Um...I think that's about it, your turn."

"Fine, but if questions pop into mind I'm asking." He warned before he started. "I'm twenty five...."

"TWENTY FIVE! You look around about nineteen! Wait! Why the hell are you re-doing college then?"

"I never got the chance to do college because I got into football and my dad thought it was a waste of time, so now I left the team and came to re-do it. Crazy I know....but why should I miss out on it? Anyway when I came here I found out that there were other players like me and also guys who can play but just can't get into a team, so we formed a football team....we've competed in the world cup and everything, plus it was kinda easy getting it all arranged cause this state don't have a football team."

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