I'd Rather Be In Love With...You. Part 14

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Part 14

Ok, so this is what he wants in a girl:


2.Fun and bubbly

3.Doesn't mind making love a lot


5.Sexually attractive

6.Nice personality

7.Caring/giving to the poor


9.Wild behind closed doors

That's just the main things and he said if they're like that then it's all good....but this is almost like a list for the perfect girl ever made! How am I supposed to find a girl like that in a sex crazed school like this!?! Well at least he's open minded about this.....wait no he isn't! He thinks I won't be able to do it! I.AM.SO.GONNA.PROVE.THAT.GIT.WRONG!

"Ok I'm going to the Library now."

"Why?" He asked me looking at me as if I was dumb.

"Um because I have homework to do," I said matter of factually getting out of the car and making my way to the Library. "Oh Chris! One more thing, does hair colour matter?" I screamed back as he got out the car. He leaned against it for a minute thinking and then shock his head, no. I smiled to myself remembering the perfect person for him. Time to call Rita.

I walked to the back of the library and pulled out my mobile. I paced back and forth just to make sure no one was coming or for that matter over hearing my conversation.


"Hey Rita, it's me."

"Fay? Wow long time no see! Anyway what's up? You in trouble? Need someone to get a good ass whopping?"

"Nope, actually the opposite. Can you come over at like....um....five?"

"Yeah, but does your college allow outsiders."

"Who cares? Anyway, I have someone you might want to meet."

"Ok sure, bye."


Yep Rita was my half sister. My mum used to me married to someone else and had Rita, when she moved here Rita wouldn't come and so stayed in Portugal with her dad. She visited her mum and that's how I got to know her.....so yeah she's the nice sister. And if you're wondering, if she's like a tomboy then no she isn't, actually she's another girly girl but a nice one. Rita decided she wanted to move here when she turned eighteen and doesn't live too far off from the college, she's like the only one in the family who's sort of like me.

I plopped my cell phone in my back pocket and left to help Nicky move in.


"I guess you don't need help then." I said walking into my dorm to see Nicky hanging all her clothes into the wardrobe. She smiled at me and pointed over to a few boxes on her bed. I dropped my rucksack on the floor and made my way over to them. Hmm, a lamp shade nice. She had a lot of pink and purple stuff....things that would make the room look actually comfy.

"Fay? I'm really sorry about before, I should have used my brain, stupid Me." before I could turn to look at who was talking, I was pulled into their arms. I looked over their shoulder to Nicky with confused eyes, she mouthed Sandra to me and my eyes went huge! She smelt of.....melons? Instead of wood.

When she pulled away there was in no hell that I actually believed it was Sandra. She had dyed her hair to a golden blonde with curls that cascaded down her back. Her natural tanned skin was now visible and she wore a low cut yellow top with a pair of blue jeans exposing her belly button but she didn't look slutty.....she looked....gorgeous! She actually made me wish I looked like her! Her light brown painted lips where tugged into a smile and then a pair of arms wrapped around her waist.

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