I'd Rather Be In Love With...You. Part 3

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Part 3

~~~~~~DINNER WITH NEIGHBOURS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"MUM! I can't find my black jeans!" I shouted leaning over the banister. It was Friday and to tell you the truth I was kinda freaking out. If I tell you guys you're just gonna think I'm crazy or weird or worse, a freak. But being labelled a freak is what's MADE me like this! "MUM!" I screamed again annoyed. Ugh, I've got three minutes to get ready! "MU...."

"OK! For heaven's sake Fay! Do you really need to scream your lungs out like that!?!" My mother screeched angrily from the bottom of the stairs as she stared up at me with both her hands on her hips, her short dirty blonde hair tied up in a bun and her dark blue knee length dress not only gave her more curves but made her look younger. The wrinkles under her eyes had gone and she actually looked excited.

"My black jeans, I can't find them anywhere in my room."

"That's because they're finally getting a good wash," she said smiling whilst tilting her head to the side. My eyes widened and I stared at her with disbelief, their....there, me best jeans!


"Ask your sister," before I could protest with her she was walking away with a pleasant smile spread widely across her face. Is she for real!?! I can't ask Zara! She'll just give me some crappy mini skirt that barely covers my bum!

Oh shut up Fay, what choice do you have?!

Go away you....VOICE!

Yeah, I get into fights with my head, is that so wrong when you don't have anyone to talk to?

"Zara! I need to borrow...." I cut off as her door swung open and she tossed me a pair of jean shorts, "Thanks," I muttered lowly as I held out the shorts and walked back to my room. Of course I own other pairs of jeans and stuff but none of that can be shown....or more like, none of that is good enough to be used in front of Jed.

There you go! The only boy that actually talks to me is my next door neighbour and that is very rarely. Usually, when he isn't at school he'll come over for an hour and we'll do homework, but that's the extent of our relationship. I try to dress nice in front of him because I don't want him to one day change his mind and also class me as a freak, I mean a little attention is better than none...right?

I closed the door and changed into the shorts. I pulled my wardrobe door open and stared at my reflection in the full length mirror. My mouth dropped even wider open as I saw how short the shorts actually where! They barely covered my short cut pants! I knew my sister would give me something like this. I've got to find something else to wear and now!

I quickly lunched at the open wardrobe and threw clothes onto the bed like a maniac. I was swaying my arms around like a crazy person, even though I am, whilst still in the shorts and my black poker dotted bra. PLEASE GOD LET THERE BE SOMETHING IN HERE!!!

"Honey! Guests are here!"

"SHIT!" I muttered getting to my feet like lightening but ending up hitting my head against the top of the wardrobe and falling back down. "Owe!" I whispered pressing my hand harder down on the spot that hurt. Once again I got to my feet but more careful and ran over to my bed, I started throwing clothes behind my back again knowing that I don't have time to find anything apart from a top.

"FAY! Come down!"

"I'm coming mum!" I shouted back as I pulled a red shoulder hanging top out. Ok this isn't gonna cover my boobs up but I don't have time! I pulled the top on and ran to the mirror running a comb quickly through my hair. Oh Jesus, I'm practically on show! "I'm coming!" I screamed just so my mother wouldn't have the urge to. I ran down the stairs and came to an halt as soon as I reached the living room door.

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