I'd Rather Be In Love With...You. Part 2

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*A/N* IF.YOU.HAVE.A.RUDE.COMMENT.KEEP.IT.TO.UR.SELF.AND.ASS.OR.U.WILL.GET.ONE.BACK.TOO! Ok now that I've stressed that, here it is!!!

Part Two.

When we finally arrived home, I jumped out the car and slammed the door shut making it clear to hell that I was pissed off at her. I also made the point of not talking to her on the way home; she didn't even try and talk to me! Well at least she can tell I'm not letting this one go....not that I let the others go too. AND at least she can tell I'm pissed off with not just her but her damn, stupid, untrue statements! I did not make myself a freak! I never chose it either! UGH! But the thing that gets me the most is that she can stop it...well not fully, the thoughts would still be there...BUT STILL!! Her whole screwed up motto is 'You can make it change...If you try hard enough.' Hard enough my ass!

"Come on Fay! Stop being such a baby! You know what I said is true, look at me. I worked hard to get to where I am now." She said the last part proudly as she leaned over the hood of the car. I stopped stomping away as I reached the top of the stairs, facing the front door and turned to face her. I could feel all the anger rising to the surface.

"Yeah, You're a popular girl, your also a bitch, stuck up, two faced cow who I have to call sister!" I know that was a bit over the top, but if you were me right now you'd know about it.

I quickly turned on my heel and banged my fist against the door. I could already imagine my sister standing there, her mouth wide open and her hands on her hips thinking of something smart to say back. Not that she needs to think about it...she never does, another think I WISH I had! But this time she didn't, ok fine she didn't get the chance cause my mum opened the door just then.

"Hi hon..." She cut off as I stormed in and ran straight up the stairs. "Ok...bad day!?!" She screamed up at me. Duh! What does she think?! I mean even on the last day I can't get away from those...those...FREAK KILLERS!!!

"No! Just like any other heavenly day!" I screamed back down sarcastically. I took a left and then slammed my bed room door shut. Just as I walked forwards to my bed I thought better of it and decided to run back and fully depose of my anger. "And no! A BAD, FAKE SISTER!" Once I was fully done I slammed the door shut....AGAIN.

I dropped my bag down on the floor and flopped down on my bed face flat. Ok that worked a bunch! NOT!! Why does my sister have to be like that? Why can't she just hang out with me AT school for just ONE day? At least it would tone down most of those arrogant pricks! Well at least we're going to different collages...AWAY from everyone! Ah damn! That means I'll have to stay away from mums pasta and chocolate cake! NO! Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm moving to the furthest away collage I possibly can, and yes I will be living at collage.

Wow! Nerd much!

Well only one thing was achieved by this...I got my mind off my sister and freak killers? (Even though they're not killing me...on the outside.)

I need to think of something constructive to do with my two whole MONTHS! Hmm sleeping in sounds GREAT! .... Nah I'll get bored. Ok so this is what I....WAIT, when I say 'I' I mean my parents, have booked already for us. DAMN.THEM.

Sunday: Family dinner.

Tuesday: Other half of family dinner. (We have a big family!)

Wednesday: Dinner with....NO ONE!!

Monday: Mum and dad start to visit aunt and uncle.

Friday: Dinner with neighbours and crazy son.

Saturday: Go see football match with dad.

Tuesday: HAVE NO CLUE!

Thursday: Another dinner but with friends, (My parents friends...I don't have any.)


Ok well that's awhile to decide what I have to do. (Don't worry I won't go through all that!! :) For now though I think I'll just sit and do any homework which I wasn't bothered to do during the year, at least it's something to do for now anyway.

~~~~~~~A few hours later of unsuccessful math work ~~~~~~~~

I sat there, my head resting in my palm as my pen flicked against the table over and over.

Why the hell don't I still get this?! We went through it last year for god's sake!

Yes I know, I don't need to bother with this cause schools over, but damn does it get on my nerves that I can't do this anymore! Oh well, maths always was my weak point. Hmm...That's it! I'll burn all my maths books! Nah not worth the movement of going downstairs to get the matches. I wonder if I can just live up here in my room forever? Nothing to worry about and nothing to hurt me.

(Pause) (By the way this is the character not me! Just encase!)

Ok I know I said I wouldn't interrupt but now looking back at what I said....WELL....I feel totally stupid! That was my abided mind back then, Oh boy if I knew what I know now, things would be SO different! Well duh!!


My head snapped up to the side as three knocks accrued on the door. I sighed heavily as I knew who it was already. Great! She's back for another round! I don't have time for this shit; I mean I still have worries that I'll still be a freak in collage! She'll just end up making it worse. I mean isn't that what sisters do? I let my head bang down on the desk with my hands flat too on either side of my never-gonna-finish pile of maths overdue homework. I groaned and eventually muttered a 'come in' how she heard I will never know.

"Look Zara I'm not in the mood, so if you've come to start then just....." she cut me off as she leaned against the door frame with her arms folded.

"Fay all I'm trying to say is that....if acting like you isn't working then...change, just a little. I mean look at your clothes, baggy stuff not good! And that geek! The one next door, please Fay!?! What happened to when you were younger, you weren't all...boyish,"

"Yeah, but I grew up, I found my style and the things I like doing, I'm not gonna change for anyone! They either like me for me...or...."

"So your gonna go on like this, just being the freak?" I sighed not wanting to admit that I'm harder to break then that. "You're going to college, it's a new start....don't mess it up like high school,"

"What would you know?! You don't get what it's like to be me; you don't get called a freak everyday and then get....beaten up and stuff!"

"Yeah but why doesn't it happen to me? Because I changed, you know what stay the same Fay and see where it gets you,"

"I will! And I'll find someone who likes me for me! I don't need to be a slut to get friends or more!" I screamed back at her as she walked out and closed her door shut.

Oh she is so gonna be proved wrong! I can make friends! Everyone had friends if they try hard enough!


YAYAy! ok one more chappy and then things will pick up, well yeah. so WAT YEA THINK!!!????!!!


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