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Hey there guys,

It's been a hot minute! But I'm back with some awesome news for you all!

I've been offered a pretty awesome deal with Dreame to publish five of my stories from this account over on their website. This being one of them. It came with a pretty good deal and a big opportunity to then be placed on their pay-to-read programme depending on how my work does once all chapters have been uploaded on there!

Based on our contract that does mean that only five chapters of this story will be up here on wattpad - the rest you can go ahead and read on the link I'll provide you at the bottom of this page.

I do want to say one thing, IT IS FREE TO READ FOR NOW!

If my work begins to get noticed they'll be a pretty big chance I'll be given the opportunity to make money from this story meaning I can keep writing way more! The great thing is though, that you can earn free coins to read! So you don't need to worry too much about that.

I know this is a big favor to ask but it would awesome if you could go over there and follow me and this story!


This story is being uploaded all new and shiny with proper edits and not that horrible spelling and grammar you see here on the first five chapters. Not to mention, way more added bonus scenes to the story too to come!


Yup, the sequel is in the works and will be updated through Dreame once a certain point is reached!

Upload are daily, yes a chapter every day until all chapters are finished! Uploads will start on Monday!!

So if you want to revisit this story in all its glory with all the annoyingness out of it, then head over to:

I'd Rather Be In Love With...You.  UNDER EDITING UPDATES COMINGRead this story for FREE!