I'd Rather Be In Love With...You.

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*A/N* OK well I thought it was time I started a story I would actually finish since line is coming to an end. so yeah, tell me what you think about this, should I KEEP GOING OR NOT?


I'd Rather Be In Love With...You.

Part One.

I let my long dark brown curly hair out of my elastic band as I walked out of the school building. Wow time to finally move onto collage! Well at least it's a new start...right?


HAHA that's what I THOUGHT! But that's all bullshit, life just got worse when I moved there and it was all because of one simple person, Chris Rand, Chris as short for Christian NOT Christopher! Just so you know. Not even the guys who picked on me did as much damage as him. I can't blame him though; I let myself turn into the typical teen when I got the chance. I put my heart on the line, as Michael Jackson's so called song said. A lot of good that did me. Ok fine that'll be the last time I interrupt, back to the beginning. OH if you think this is another one of those typical romance stories....you are SO wrong!


I hugged my books harder to my chest with my head bowed low allowing my hair to cover my face. I tried running through the hall to the door only to keep being shoved back and forth by other students. I would mutter a low sorry but then they would just give me disgusted looks as if it was my fault. Come on Fay your almost there! You're almost out of hell! I kept telling myself over and over as the double glass doors got nearer.

As soon as I couldn't feel hard arms against me, pushing me against other people or even worse...to the floor, my head snapped up and I banged my shoulder against the door swinging it open and feeling the sweet air of freedom blow against my face. I smiled up at the sky for a brief second before jogging down the concrete stairs and stopping to walk slowly, thinking about only one thing....a new start at a new school where people don't think of me a freak. Wow defiantly won't make the same mistake twice that's for sure!

"Hey freak!" I came to an immediate halt at the sound of my name. I shut my eyes closed harder and the grip around my books just tightened causing my chest to ach. I didn't bother to look up; I already know who it is. The one girl who's been making my life a misery since I came here, the one who labelled me as the freak in the first place. "Where do you think you're going? You've got to come to our after party,"

"B...but I...I've got to home," I whispered looking up to see Kate standing in front of me with her polished nails on her hips, her long blond....FAKE...blond hair running down over her shoulder, her blue eyes bright with an evil plan lurking behind them, her mini pink skirt revealed her long skinny FAKE tanned legs, her tight pink top popping her FAKE boobs out and last but not least...her FAKE disciples thinking that one day she'll really notice them.

"Oh but what does a freak have to do?" she laughed turning her head to the side alerting her FAKE friends to laugh also. I was about to protest once more but I was cut off, "Nothing! Good so come on!" she screeched grabbing my wrist and pulling me into her car.

Ok it's obvious what you're thinking, WHY THE HELL DON'T YOU SLAP THE BITCH?! OR AT LEAST SAY NO?! Well I've grown so used to being the freak that I've got used to not having a voice and as far as 'slapping the bitch' comes to...well she's like the second popular girl in school, I would so DIE if I did that! Plus if I can't stick up for myself how can I expect people to stick up for me? Ha, ha I'm being dragged away when really I don't want too! Sorry, I'm so used to it know that it's actually funny!

I knew already there was only one thing that could come out of this, and when it's the last day it had to be big, something no one would ever forget, something that made her go down in history in a good way and something that made me go down in history in the bad way: yep you've got it! PUBLIC EMBARRASSMENT!

"Um...I should really be...." I was shushed by Kate as she put her foot down on the paddle and sped off. Ok I really don't fell like getting into all of this so let's just start from here.

1. They locked me in a room with no light.

2. A few hours they came back and blind folded me.

3. They took me outside.

Ok now I can keep going.

As soon as I felt the wind blow against me I knew I was in trouble.

Before I could even think about another thing my top was yanked off and I was pushed into what I'm guessing is the swimming pool.....and.....I.....Can't......SWIM!!! I didn't even bother to take my blind fold off as I splashed my arms around disparately trying to stay above water. Every time my head would bob out of the water I would gasp air into my lugs and soon ended up swallowing water too.

I was brought out by the 47 year old pool keeper. I stood at the edge of the pool the blind fold floating around in the pool, me hugging myself and shivering as the laughter of people filled the room. I didn't even look up. What was so funny about a drowning girl?

"Oh my god! The freak can't swim!" Ok maybe that was. I got feeling into my body and ran from the pool area into the changing rooms and grabbed a random top from the benches. Gross I know, but when you're in my position tell me what you'd do? I pulled it on and just ran out back to the school. I was so close to just ending school for once without the bad stuff but no! This shit had to happen!

Come on Fay! At least you won't ever see them again, plus remember new start?

I couldn't help but sigh and agree with my inner voice. I sat on one of the outside benches waiting for a lift that was meant to come around about now, yes I was meant to be waiting in the school library but....I was planning on getting home and calling saying I didn't need the lift.

"Hey, Fay get in! I don't have all day!" Remember when I said Kate was the second popular girl in school? Well this was Zara and she's the first popular....well most popular girl in the school, also my sister.

She leaned her head out the window. Her long natural brown hair cut to shoulder length hung lose, her hazel eyes covered by a pair of black sunglasses. My sister is one of those laid back cool, sexy popular girl...the girl I WISH I could be.

Ok now I totally know what you're thinking! So your sister controls the school and your getting bullied? How the fuck does that work?

Well I'll tell you, around my sister they act all nice to me.....but then again my sister doesn't come near me at school that much, secondly....well when I do complain to my sister she tells me that I make this happen. Observe.

"Why the hell are you all wet?" she asked pulling the window back up and looking at me, her lips tugged at a 'ewe' style.

"Um....let me think....YOUR SLAG OF A UGLY, FAKE BEST FRIEND DUMPED ME INTO A POOL WHEN I CAN'T SWIM!" she just held her back before turning and starting the engine back up.

"Wow no need to scream," she muttered, but I couldn't be bothered to get into this now with her. "Plus...your only looked at like that because you make yourself that," I was about to say something when I thought the better of it. What the hell's the point?


OK WHAT YOU THINK!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!! KEEPER OR A DUMPER!!???!!!!

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