I'd Rather Be In Love With...You. Part 16

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Part 16

I still couldn't move, Chris....paid someone to date me?! He....he actually did that! I felt the knife cut deeper into my heart and when I felt him pull my zipper down I snapped back into reality, but I wasn't angry, I was hurt. I pushed Drake away from me and took a step back looking at him as he smirked at me coming closer and closer to me.

"I need to go," I whispered looking down at the floor trying to keep my tears in.

"Yeah, after I have my fun with you." He said coming closer and licking his lips. I looked up at him but the next thing I knew I was pinned up against the window and he started sucking on my neck hungrily, I closed my eyes tighter trying to keep the yell of pain in. "Good I love a virgin, I haven't had sex in years, my cock needs to feel something."

I felt sick as he whispered against my neck. How could Chris think of me that low? But the worse thing about this was that I was actually thinking about letting Drake have his way with me, I mean what would anyone care? This is what they wanted right? No, I'm not gonna lose myself to anyone! I tried telling Drake to leave me alone, I even begged but he just pushed himself harder against me. I felt the tears rise to my eyes and burn begging to be put out, but it wasn't for this reason, it was for the fact that Rita and Chris actually thought I was so ugly that I couldn't get a date myself? Even though Drake said I was sexy, he was just in need of sex.

I slowly placed my hands on his shoulders and brought my knee up to his groin making him roll to the floor in pain. I didn't look at him, instead I ran to the door unlocking it and running down the steps to the front door.

"Fay?" I stopped just as my hand rested on the door knob. I couldn't stand to hear that voice anymore, she was just as bad as Zara! But still I turned to face her, my face pale showing no emotion at all, I walked over to her and just stood there staring at her. "What's wrong?" She asked stepping closer to me.

"What's wrong? Are you for fucking real!?!" I screamed feeling the tears burn again. Chris just came out from a room holding to cups full of drink and I would have grabbed them and poured it all over the both of them if it wasn't for the fact that being anywhere near them I would be sick! Everyone in the room went quiet and Chris stepped closer to Rita.

"Y...You paid someone to go out with me! How did you even know I wanted someone?!" I screamed not locking anything away.

"Fay...." Chris started but I cut him off this time my tears flowed free just like they begged too.

"How could you Chris!?! Do you really think I'm that ugly that I can't get my own guy!?! Am I really that bigger freak!?! Stay away from me, you make me sick!" with that I ran from the house ignoring Chris and Rita screaming after me. I couldn't believe this! My sister! MY SISTER just did this to me! Wow, I guess even when you do something good it doesn't stop people from breaking your heart.

I kept running, I only stopped when I knew the house was far away from me and caught a cab. I tried to dry my eyes the whole way back to school but there was no use, the tears just started up again making themselves known. The thing that hurt the most was that....Chris knew! He knew about this! He knew I wasn't ready and yet he still did it!

"Look girl don't pay, just go inside and get cleaned up, I'll let you off this time." The cabby drove away before I could protest. So I stood there, hugging myself trying to calm the tears. Once I knew they were under control, I made my way back into the school. I power walked to my dorm and stood outside my dorm getting my feelings under control, I didn't want Nicky or anyone knowing about this.

Why Chris? Why did you have to be a jerk? I guess that's what I get for missing a friend, I think they can't do anything wrong and then they go ahead and do it. If them rubbing everything into my face weren't enough then....wow did they do it now! I mean it hurt for a totally different reason that I didn't know before but now....he actually made me feel like a freak.

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