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oubleb : pls hit up my boy his honrery and he lick this boi. he liston to em jaybee and he lick mooney pls hit his up :)
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choilatte : what the fuck BamBam
jcksjiaer : r u and Yugyeom drinking again
minqhao : why is this so beautiful (the picture not ur ugly ass caption u fucking rat)
yutoda : that's my boyyyy
defsoul : ^ how about you fuck the fuck off you trick ass bitch

oubleb : jealous are we?

oubleb : u called Yuto a trick ass bitch lol

oubleb : oh btw Yuto and Youngjae are hanging out today :)

defsoul : i think the fuck not

defsoul : u may have the body shape of a shampoo bottle and you sound like u have a nose full of snot, but you help me out man 🤧✌️

oubleb : well damn

oubleb : go fuck ur man before Yuthot does ;)

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