25 pt 1

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markertun : ...

jcksjiaer : what??

markertun : what is BamBam telling you ?

jcksjiaer : random things why?

markertun : don't talk to him anymore. he's being a dick

jcksjiaer : he just told me to date Jinyoung? But I told him I love you ??

markertun : Hm.

jcksjiaer : why are you always like this?

markertun : what?

jcksjiaer : you let ur friends joke about dating other people, even fucking other people but when I DO IT I'm being a fucking bad guy???

jcksjiaer : mark your are seriously so confusing it hurts my brain

markertun : maybe I'm not confusing and you're just stupid

jcksjiaer : fuck you mark

jcksjiaer : i actually hope something bad happens to you

jcksjiaer : you can go fuck Yuto now :) because we are no longer in a relationship :))

jcksjiaer : have fun getting STDs from your boy toy ! :))

block user?

yes or no

user blocked

jcksjiaer : I just did something

choilatte : omgj asckson i csnr rslk rogjt npw m jinds bidy
(Omg Jackson I can't talk right now I'm kinda busy)

jcksjiaer : what are you doing? Aren't you just hanging out with Jaebum at the studio?

choilatte : hey this is jaebum, Youngjae's kinda busy right now but you can text him in,,, and hour or so?

jcksjiaer : wtf are you guys even doing

choilatte : look Jackson, as much as Youngjae would like to talk to you he's.. working. :) - Jaebum

jcksjiaer : oh okay


choilatte : bye Jackson - Jaebum :))

part one to chapter 25,,, I was going to write all of it here but MY FRIEND IS HERE IM NOT WRITING SPICY STUFF WHEN SHES HERE SONSKSNDKS okay bye ily all

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