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markertun : Jackson.

jcksjiaer : what do you want

markertun : can we talk? it's serious?

jcksjiaer : sure.

markertun : i don't think this will work out anymore

jcksjiaer : because you love Yuto don't you? I already know, I'm not fucking stupid Mark.

markertun : oh.

markertun : i love you :/

jcksjiaer : you know it's really hard to believe now

markertun : i really do! im sorry. i found myself thinking of other things, and that wasn't right. I love you Jackson, i really do.

jcksjiaer : let me have some time to think about it all okay?

markertun : anything for you Jackson 💛


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lcvefordef : honestly i wish i was Jaebum, jinyoungie is so cute 😭
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pjy_jj : 💗💗
minqhao : yo yj we should hang out I have tea ;)
oubleb : 2young is my new favorite ship 2jae is shaking 😻

defsoul liked your post!

defsoul : 👀

lcvefordef : what?

defsoul : we are friends right

lcvefordef : yeah?

defsoul : good 😊

defsoul : come to the company plssssss

lcvefordef : idk jaebummie

defsoul : Jinyoung will be there 👀

lcvefordef : im already on my way 😻

lcvefordef : jk jk, but Jackson's here. Idk if I can leave

defsoul : take him with you??

lcvefordef : is ur boss okay with that?

defsoul : we will sneak you guys in through the back, I said I'm just having some friends over lol

lcvefordef : yes because friends just hang out in recording studios Jaebum

defsoul : ur such a bully ur more like an anti than a fan 😭

lcvefordef : if im an anti why do i waste my money on ur ass 👀 i spent more money on ur stuff than I've ever for my own things jsmmsms

defsoul : so r u coming or not

lcvefordef : ugh fine, but Jackson is staying here, he wants to finish watching 2moons

defsoul : good :)

oof there is going to be some spicy stuff next chapter so i apologize in advance for my crappy writing :) also yuto is going to pop up again, tryna start shit and all 😻😻

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