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lcvefordef : sorry I was gone. I've come to realize that the reason I deactivated was selfish and just stupid. But I'm back! Have this selca I took earlier when waiting for Minghao's ugly ass :)
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minqhao : ur a cunt
oubleb : fucking finally ur headass is back
jcksjiaer : we missed you jaejae!
defsoul : i missed you 💓

defsoul liked your post!

lcvefordef : is what u told minghao true?

defsoul : yeah.

defsoul : can i ask a really weird question? 

lcvefordef : ofc what?

defsoul : can we meet up?

Youngjae's eyes grew about ten times it's normal size, his heart beating out of his chest. Jaebum wanted to meet him? In real life? Would they hug? Does Jaebum give good hugs? Youngjae smiled, of course Jaebum gives good hugs.

lcvefordef : uh sure? Where? And when?

defsoul : you live in Seoul right?

lcvefordef : yeah.

defsoul : give me your address, we need to talk asap about the whole.... Uh... Dating thing.

lcvefordef : uh okay (insert random address)

defsoul : I'll be over soon :)

OOMF the next chapter will be them meeting irl yay

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