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lcvefordef : hi im back on this account to say Jackson got me the puppy of my dreams!!! Her name was originally Yejoo but I renamed her Coco! Is she cute?? Is Coco a good name for her??
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jcksjiaer : COCO IS SO CUTE B L E S S
oubleb : This is actually so cute??
minqhao : goals

Jaebum felt his phone buzz, and to be honest, he thought it was going to be Mark or Yuto harassing him again. But no, it was his boss. Jaebum sighed, opening the text message.

Boss man : Jaebum. You can end your relationship with Jinyoung now. But don't be fooling around with fans. I saw it all over social media. You cannot talk to that kid anymore.

Jaebum : What? Why?

Boss man : Don't ask questions. If you really want to talk about this further, then come to my office. If not, just stop talking to him. You can occasionally like his posts and maybe comment but stop seeing him and stop talking to him.

lcvefordef : jaebummie!!
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lcvefordef : jaebummie? I have good news!
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lcvefordef : why are you not answering? did i do something?

lcvefordef : im sorry for whatever i did Jaebum hyung..
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choilatte : mark?

markertun : so you finally unblocked me huh?

choilatte : can i come over?

markertun : are you going to interrogate me about Jackson?

choilatte : no. i would go to BamBam, Minghao or Jackson but they'd do something dumb. And I'm probably being stupid right now but..

choilatte : i miss talking to you.

markertun : movie night?

choilatte : movie night.


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