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(I miss 2ne1 okay bye)

oubleb : do u think yj and jb fucked

choilatte : bitch wtf

choilatte : no we haven't fucked calm down

choilatte : y y'all want us to fuck so badly 😰🤙

oubleb : because it's be hot

choilatte : kys

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lcvefordef : this pineapple looking bitch out here thinking i can afford all the shit he wants smh the reason i cry everyday
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ilysfmanna : i want ur friend to know i will marry him
oubleb : but look how cute i am bitch
minqhao : @ oubleb ? Where??

oubleb : u make me depressed 😻

minqhao : ur welcome daddy

lcvefordef : u guys make me want to shoot myself

lcvefordef : i would rather be hanging out with Jaebum 😎🤙

minqhao : then go bitch succ his dick

oubleb : film it too 👀👀

lcvefordef : literally u make me want to die

Short chapter but Anna, my sunshine, ilysfm even tho u bully me 😎🤙 I want you to know u make my heart oof Everytime u message me 😻😻

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