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Jaebum sighed, causing Jinyoung to look up from his phone. "You really haven't tried to go against your boss and talk to him? Jackson told me he went out."

The older nodded, "I know. I saw."

"Do you think he likes Seokmin?"

Jaebum rolled his eyes, "I don't care about whoever fucking Seokmin is. I want to talk to Youngjae, but I'm not allowed." Jinyoung smiled, "I know just the thing then Jaecunt!"

bbysdef followed you!

bbysdef  has requested to send you a message!

bbysdef : hi! it's Jaebum :)

lcvefordef : this is a fucking chat bot isn't it smh

lcvefordef : no one likes these kinds of accounts anymore this isn't 2014 honey :)

bbysdef : ur a fucking cunt u know that Youngjae it's fucking Jaebum 😡

bbysdef : im ur daddy tf

lcvefordef : really 👀

lcvefordef : send me proof

bbysdef : we wrote a song together 😡 that you still need to record with me once my dumb boss let's me talk to you again

lcvefordef : so that's why u ignored me

lcvefordef : so i basically went out and got fucked for no reason?

bbysdef : HE FUCKED YOY

bbysdef : WHERE DOES HE LIVE 😡😡

lcvefordef : im kidding lmao no he didn't fuck me lol

lcvefordef : i 🗣️ fucked 🗣️ him 🗣️

lcvefordef : lmao kidding. Anyway I'm still mad at you

lcvefordef : bald ass bitch

"So did it work?" Jinyoung questioned, nudging Jaebum's side as he locked his phone. He set said phone down and lifted his hands to his head, threading his fingers through his hair.

"Am I going bald?"

Here Anna here is ur fucking update 😡

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