chapter 13

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Lisanna's POV:

I was standing right beside Mira as we watched Gajeel interrogate my boyfriend.

I mean, he didn't know we were dating yet, but he will soon.

I felt so bad for my future husband.

Gajeel kept asking him questions, but for some reason, my baby wouldn't answer them!

So for every time my baby didn't answer a question, Gajeel would punch or kick him.

It's been about twenty minutes and still my lover refuses to say anything!

Suddenly, he looked up started to speak.

" Okay, how about we make a deal?".

Natsu's POV:

" Okay, how about we make a deal?"

Looking at Gajeel, he glared at me before motioning for me to continue.

" How about this. I will answer any questions you want answered, but, Lucy must ask the questions."

" Why does Lucy have to ask the questions?", Asked Gajeel, glaring at me.

Laughing, I just shook my head.

"Now you see, that was a question. And the only way I'm gonna answer it," I said pointing at Lucy.

" Is if she asks it. Now do we have a deal or not?"

Gajeel frowned and turned to look at Lucy.

" Oi bunny-girl, do you want to do it? Because if you don't, I won't force you to."

Lucy thought about it for a minute, and I have to admit, she looks super hot when she's thinking.

She looked at Gajeel and nodded her head.

" I might as well do it. The sooner we get this over with, the sooner we can all go home."

Gajeel responded with a smirk and a small nod.

Turning to me she took a deep breath and began.

" What's your name?", She asked quietly.

" Natsu Dragneel", I told her, giving her a small smile.

I mean, I couldn't exactly tell her I was the demon king, END, now could I?

Giving me a small smile, she then asked me another question.

* Bold= natsu
Regular= Lucy*

"How old are you?"

" I'm 18."

" What type of magic do you use?"

" Fire dragon Slayer magic."

" Why are you here?"

" I was following you."

" Why were you following me?"

" I don't know why exactly...".

" Okay here's my last question. If we were to let you go, what would you do?"


That question made me think for a minute.

What would I do?

Suddenly, I had my answer.

" I would hang out with you Luce!?"

Looking at her, I noticed a small blush on her cheeks.

Aww, she's so precious, I could just eat her up!

Then imagining tasting her flesh made me lick my lips.

Shaking off the thought, I smiled at Luce.

She looked at me for a minute before walking behind me and taking off the magic sealing collar.

Once it was off I felt much better.

Grinning, I turned around and gave Luce a hug.

Her eyes were filled with shock, but she slowly melted into the hug.

Smiling, I reluctantly released her go.

Suddenly, a flurry of footsteps came rushing in our direction before I felt arms wrapped around my waist from behind.

Growling, I shoved the person off and turned around to see who it was.

I rolled my eyes seeing that it was the same girl who brought me that disgusting slop she called a meal.

The girl with white hair stood in front of me, looking at me like she was going to eat me.

I felt a shiver of disgust roll down my spine.

The only woman who I would let eat me would be Lucy.

Not some trash like this girl standing in front of me.

I was just about to scold her for touching me when suddenly started talking to me.

" So natsu do you have anywhere to stay tonight?"

" No", I answered, looking down at the floor.

" Well do you want to stay at my house tonight?", She asked, crossing her arms against her chest.

I imedatly nodded.

Lucy just laughed and grabbed my wrist pulling me towards the door.

NG/author POV:

But little did the couple know, that something was watching Lucy in the shadows, waiting for the right time to attack...

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