chapter 6

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Gray's POV:

My girlfriend Juvia and I were making out in a corner when Gramps made the announcement that we had a new member.

He also made an announcement that we would be having a party!

Which means one thing.

Getting drunk! Which I was currently doing.

Tonight is gonna be epic!


And that's how I ended up punching up punching the new girl in the face.

Drunk Gray POV:

There was the new girl talking to MY girl.

* Gasp* did she just hug Juvia!?

How dare she!

Oh no! She's a player!?

She's now hugging Levy!? And making her laugh too!?

I stumbled towards Gajeel and pointed towards the girls.

" Gajeel! The new girl is stealing our girls!?", I wailed.

Sadly all Gajeel did was punch me in the face and told me to deal with my own problems.

Now I'm angry.

Stumbling up to the new girl I punched her in the face.
Then I felt three fists hit my face and I saw darkness.

Lucy's POV:

While everyone else was partying, I was trying to find some sober people to try to befriend.

Luckily for me I met two sober females that I quickly befriended.

Both were bluenetts though both were different in many ways.

Juvia Lockster: a water type mage who was dating a ice mage whose profession was stripping?
I can't remember.

Anyway moving on.

Levy Mcgarden: a script mage who was a little short... And also engaged to an iron dragon Slayer.

Both were nice enough and soon we became great friends, hugging, laughing, chit chatting.

Everything was great.

Until a drunk dark haired dude came up and punched me in the face.

Two seconds later, Levy, Juvia, and I punched him in the face in sync, knocking him out.

Glancing at each other we all burst out laughing.

Other than getting punched in the face the party was awesome!

Us girls were having so much fun we took the three person party to my house, where we sat and gossiped, danced, and ate cupcakes.

We had so much fun!

Until Juvia found the booze. Then we couldn't remember the night after that.

Let's just say, we woke up on a yacht in bikinis surrounded by treasure and unconscious pirates.

NG out~

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