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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 13(Ambria)

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Two weeks.

Two very long heart wrenching weeks and I had no idea why I even got out of bed these days expect the little glimpse of happiness I got with Blaze.

Shadow barely spoke to me but when he did it was in a soft tone that was almost loving. I was confused and frustrated.

I left my family and friend from this man but I felt as if I was still a stranger here. I slept in a guest room and ate my meals with my uncle outside.

This wasn't the life most mates lived. Right?

No it had to be wrong because I was suppose to feel loved, cherished, and I felt none of those things.

I jumped startled as my phone started to ring. Walking to my night stand I answer in a whisper.

"Damn Babe are you okay?"

I sighed at the sound of Simon's voice. "I don't know. Every things so messed up" I answered.

Then just like that I told him everything. I soon found my self on the floor bawling my eyes out. .

Simon was swearing a blue streak and promising all the ways he was going to kill Shadow.

"C-Could I stay with you for a while" I asked forcing myself to stop crying.

"Of course" He said his voice softening though I could hear the anger slipping though.

"Alright I'll pack my things and slip out tonight"

"Don't come to the cabin he knows where that is come to my beach house. I've located where my sister is and I was planning to go tomorrow."

"Perfect I'll go with you" I said with conviction.

Simon sighed and I knew we were going to ague about this but he said nothing but that he would see me soon. When I hung up I immediately started putting my things in a bag.

When a deep voice broke the silence of the room I jumped startled panic striking my heart. When it was my uncle I saw I sighed in relief thanking god it wasn't Shadow.

"Your leaving" He stated it softly his eyes shining with understanding.

I swallowed some tears and nodded.

"Well I'm going with you" he said placing hand on my shoulder. I nodded and he sighed and hugged me tightly.

"Meet me outside after 2 when every ones asleep a private plane will take us to my friends house."

My uncle asked no questions and I was thankful.

After that he left I hurried and made sure I had everything. I knew most of the pack was asleep by now and I grabbed my bag and headed outside only to find my self at Shadows bedroom door. I inhaled his scent memories assaulting me. Closing my eyes as tears pressed at my eyes I shook my head. Turning I quickly left before my resolve wavered.  

I paused as I reached the stairs.

My heart broke as I realised Blaze would think I left because of him. No I would call him everyday to talk to him. Maybe.

But there was one thing I could do.

Pulling out one of my favorite knifes I walked back down the hallway quietly and stepped into a room I thought I'd never enter.

Making a face of disgust as I caught the scent of the room I moved forward. I crawled onto the bed and straddled the sleeping form of Amber.

With a snarl I grabbed her hair and jerked her head back and placed the blade against her throat.

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