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Sorry that I haven't been uploading a lot, I'm too focused on my other story and because I hit writers block. So this whole part is going to be the parents P.O.V, sorry that it's really short anyway let's get on to the story


Im really worried about Hiccup it's been two days since I haven't seen him, I looked in his bed room and found Toothless but my son wasn't there. I have send out search parties 2 days ago but they found nothing, I have been ignoring my chiefing duties and have locked myself in my room. Gobber has been telling me to get out and about but I just ignore him so he has been filling in for me and he's been terrible at it literally.


As I was entering Astrid's room to tell her some news I saw that she wasn't there so I decided to go see if she had taken StormFly for a flight. I went outside to the stables that linked to our house and I saw StormFly sleeping peacefully I wonder where she could of gone. I went around the village asking if anyone had seen her but they hadn't. I decided to ask her friends so I went over to them who were talking.

"Hey guys have you seen Astrid" I asked starting to get worried.

"No Miss Ingrid we haven't since the celebration."

"Oh ok, bye."

I left Astrid's friends to continue what they were doing I was still worried about her where could she of gone.

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